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The Secrets Behind Tech Awards 2011


23 February 2011 marked the date of our second prestigious Tech Awards event. Comprising of Readers' Choice and Editors' Choice awards, it was a massive undertaking spanning several months of hard work. While the former was derived from trawling over 80,000 total reader votes, the Editors' Choice awards looked into 170 products covering 75 brands! We show you how we pulled it off.

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Nice job on the video - very funny! My fave was the Hokkien convo followed by "is that the guy I just banned?" LOL.. And +1 to David's guest appearance. :D

hey guys, awesome work as usual man, miss the office!
kudos to the good work by the new addition to the team too!

Vijay is not using hand free set while driving.

wa rao! i didn't know hwz team so lame one. piangz....

haha!! Funny video!!