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Recognizing the New iPad


Some might say the new Apple iPad doesn't look that much different from last year's iPad 2. But is that really true? We'll find out by asking those who have never owned or held an Apple tablet and determine if they can figure out which is the new iPad.

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Even if the contrast is there, it's really obvious that the new iPad has smaller pixels when compared to iPad 2 side by side. I didn't own any iPad before the new iPad but i could still tell the difference between iPad 2 and the new iPad.

It's not a fair test if one of the iPads is white while the other is black. You're basically making the contrast even more apparent to your respondents by using a black model for the new iPad as the video would appear even sharper with a black bezel. Conversely, the white bezel for the iPad 2 will definitely come across as being the inferior of the two as the white bezel doesn't do much contrast to the video screen of the iPad 2.

I think we teach this in primary schools. To conduct a fair test, you need to keep all other variables unchanged.