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Quick Upgrade Guide to Building a New PC (Q1, 2011)


Hunting for a new PC or attempting to build one yourself? The PC market is abuzz with several new platforms, technologies and features. To help the novice users, we highlight the latest tech you should look out for and how much faster they are over the previous generation of gadgets.

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Short clear concise helpful overview and comparison for the outdated pc user. Supplements the more detail forum stickies..or should it seems the other way round :)

Hi greggywong, glad you liked it! We didn't plan a continuation as the other product groups have little to no improvements. But glad you've asked and perhaps we could comment on those aspects when we embark on a future update when we see new momentum in the market again - which won't be long now ;)

Meanwhile, if you've specific questions, ask away or post them in the Hardware Clinic section of our forums for more user opinions.

Wow...quite informative for me as I intend to upgrade PC soon. Will there be a part 2 coming up soon on DDR, disk players, etc?