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Quick Speed Test - iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4


So we all know the new iPhone 4S uses the Apple A5 dual-core processor while the existing iPhone 4 still runs smoothly on its A4 single-core processor. But does the improved hardware bring noticeable advantages to everyday tasks? With both phones running on iOS 5, we show you exactly what you can expect.

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Hi. The issue is not whether you guys are trying to do your best. I am adamant you are ( otherwise i wouldn't be subscribed to your news letter) The issue is your objectiveness. How many Old model to new model comparisons have you done ?? not so many right. Don't be sucked into the apple marketing. You're better than that. And if you do insist on a speed comparison do some real tests like imap email, google maps, connecting to a wifi network etc etc. How fast ( or slow) angry birds starts is irrelevant as in you live with what you have in your hand at the time.
If you really are out to justify people spending their hard earnt dollars then take the responsibility of doing so. Following a mindless trend is embarrassing for genuine hardware (zone) people. Comment on hype don't bolster it. Its your reputation at stake

Hi bigfilsing and annuar_, thanks for your comments.

As mentioned in the video description, the video focuses on just one aspect only for a quick reality-check. There's not much else to compare visually from a video perspective for the 4S, so we've packed a lot of information in our articles to really help the reader make a decision:-

Further to that, we did share our Siri trials on video as well:-

We'll continue to try our best to conduct more full-fledged comparison videos in the future. Cheers!

is this what it has come to? Speed tests in order to justify the 4S!! Following the sad disappointment that it wasn't the 5 (bigger better screen)and nothing really has changed all we can do is compare minuscule details in what is essentially the same phone. As much as i like your side bar
articles can you pls try to do more proper comparisons . Thanks

Thanks for the Speed Test video.. Now atleast I have a rough idea how much faster the 4S is..

Hi Jammer, did you try refreshing the page? Video is playing fine.