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Preview: HTC Butterfly vs. Sony Xperia Z


HTC may have had a head start in the 5-inch full HD phone market with the Butterfly, but Sony is catching up with its Xperia Z. How does the HTC Butterfly compare with the Sony Xperia Z? We have an exclusive first look at both 5-inch phones.

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It's a point of consideration since good viewing angles equate to not having to hold the device strictly face-on, but you can choose to hold it in more relaxed angles and yet enjoy more details/visibility than a phone with poor viewing angles.

Imagine holding the device for long periods when viewing a videos; we doubt anyone will hold it in a perfect and optimal viewing angle. You're bound to relax your wrist/hand as time increases.

Another example is when fiddling with the device on your desk at an angle. Say for example one is reading a book or taking notes, etc., while the phone is placed diagonally ahead of you. But you need to check some dates, hence the need to launch the calender app (just an example). Phones with poor viewing angles will require you to pick up your device to be able to use it. A device with good viewing angles might just help you fiddle with it at its existing spot.

There are several other examples, nothing really major, but they all help in usability and convenience, thanks to better visibility.

ya agree, i do not understand why people use viewing angles for phone reviews. It makes sense for TV or monitors, but not handphones

as if u will view the hp at that 'terrible' angle..

Terrible viewing angles can be a good thing from a security perspective. The absence of LTE however, is going to be a huge handicap for the HTC Butterfly.

As usual sony phones has terrible viewing angles.