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IT Show 2013 - New Gadgets & Deals!


IT Show 2013 is happening right now! And for the very first time, it's held at Marina Bay Sands. With more than 800 exhibitors, there are tons of tech gadgets to immerse yourself in. If you're looking for deals on some of the latest products, you've come to the right place. Here are our top 8 picks.

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@Xentos - you don't make sense at all. I'd rather see what is NEW at the show and buy what used to be EXPENSIVE at a discount. What's watered down is your idea of what a show is about. Why don't you just go subscribe to a credit card and just call it a day? That's probably the BEST DEAL you can find there since you'll be paying nothing and getting freebies.

I thought I will see a report on the BEST DEALS. instead all I can see is the intro on all the MOST EXPENSIVE STUFF with everywhere also can find discount. Disappointed with this water down report.