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HTC One's UltraPixel Camera and Low Light Photography Demoed


HTC's latest flagship smartphone, the HTC One, has a long list of new features. A notable highlight is its rear 4MP HTC UltraPixel camera with BSI camera sensor that features enlarged pixels to take in three times more light. Factor in HTC ImageSense 2 and an f/2.0 lens, check out this demo that pits the HTC One's low light photography against the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

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yeah.. right.. you can get bright shots alright.. but how sharp is it? from the looks of it, it seems it will shoot blurry pictures in lowlight..


Wah, the HTC ONE so kilat can use only 4MP rear camera. HTC ONE goes to show high camera megapixels really are really overstated. :p