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First Looks: Google Nexus 7 (2013) Tablet


Looking forward to the next Nexus 7 tablet? Here's a quick comparison overview against its close competitors and its predecessor while you await its local availability.

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I'd like to see more comments on connectivity and application performance/flow.
Tons of tablets out there to choose from, which is the best in connectivity and usability?

Dear ivan1973, as mentioned in the summary and the title of this video, this is just a quick overview to introduce the new tablet. We'll have a detailed comparison review when we're done testing it. Cheers!

Why only compare to ipad and not Samsung Galaxy? Ultimately people who dont buy ipad does not mean they will buy a Nexus. There are tons of Android tablets around, like Samsung. Surely not all Androids are made the same.

The Nexus 7 will probably be the best bang for your android buck out there. However, given that Singapore's release will be extremely delayed, and will have a significant mark up over the US prices, its advantages over the iPad mini (and the new iPad mini which is coming out soon) is pretty much wiped out.

The google play store is still quite a fair bit behind the iOS app store in terms of tablet apps. The screen, while absolutely gorgeous, suffers from the aspect ratio. While it is good for watching videos in 16:9, web browsing and reading takes a bit hit due to the narrow screen.

I've been using the set for a month now and the software is slightly buggy, with multi touch problems and apps hanging at times. But they are nothing a software update wouldn't solve.

Don't bother comparing processor hardware and battery capacity because they really don't translate to actual performance. It's all about how the software is able to optimise the hardware and whether the apps are designed to run of the system.