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Epic Voice Assistant Battle - Siri vs Speaktoit Assistant


When you have a team of overly creative writers pitting Apple's Siri against an Android voice assistant app, Speaktoit Assistant, the results can be surprising, interesting and most importantly, funny.

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Hi oxymor, actually we did mention it's still in beta in the conclusion. The good thing about it's beta status is that we can expect more out of it in time to come ;)

You forgot to mention that Siri is still in Beta.

The Judgement day Siri mentioned from the Terminator movies, apparently she has a sense of

@Hollud - Thanks for the suggestion, we hope to carry out a broader comparison in the future. As for speaking to the devices together - actually we did that for our internal comparison. From a video perspective, having both devices blurt out the answer makes no sense, hence it was captured separately for audience to hear them properly. Inconsistencies are inevitable (as it's not a 100% repeatable benchmark). As you've noticed, how the phone interprets and how the user pronounces is likely to differ slightly from round 1 to round 10 - be it 1 phone or multiple phones put together ;)

@hkg - Interesting, how are the folks in the video biased? The video did mention the outcome at this point of time and their further outlook.

Isn't the host is Bias towards apple iphone. Google Android is not specially cater for Singapore either but manage to handle all enquires well. But people just bias toward iphone Siri still in this video clip.

Why not run both devices at the same time rather than speaking separately into each one? That might help eliminate inconsistencies between comparisons.

Speaktoit is impressive, but the robotic voice is a bit grating on the ears. Interacting with Siri is still new and location and business searching is only available in the U.S. In any case, I believe this shootout needs a re-visit in the future and should include other contenders, like Windows Phone.