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ASUS PadFone: Transformation Time!


We take a quick look at the new Android 4.0 equipped ASUS PadFone, a smartphone that can be converted to a slate and a netbook when plugged into its accompanying accessories, the PadFone Station and the Station Dock.

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wonder if they will make windows 8 version.... :o

Hi HiStOrY MaKeR, the concept of the PadFone is to use the phone component to convert your usage models. Hence the tablet is a shell for the phone component and the combination brings you a 3G capable tablet with the brains on the phone itself. Since the tablet and the keyboard portions are just accessories, they should be a lot cheaper than an actual tablet. ASUS is working out the prices currently and we'll update everyone as soon as we get word of it.

the dock look like TF101 dock

Will that 'tablet/slate' work without the phone? Quite dumb to bring the slate around if it totally doesn't work when the PadFone is not inserted.

Will buy one if it is under S$1,200.00.