Quick Hands On with Samsung's New Series 5 Ultra Touch & Ultra Convertible Ultrabooks

Quick Hands On with Samsung's New Series 5 Ultra Touch & Ultra Convertible Ultrabooks

As we have talked about earlier, it seems that touch-enabled Ultrabooks will be all the rage this year, thanks to Windows 8 and its sexy-looking Metro UI.

And when it comes to capturing the sleek and sexy ideals of the Ultrabook, few do it better than Samsung who has showed off, for the first time we’re told, two new touch-enabled Series 5 Ultrabooks, dubbed the Series 5 Ultra Touch and Series 5 Ultra Convertible.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch

Physically, the Series 5 Ultra Touch is largely similar to the older Series 5 Ultrabooks, so it still retains that lovely sleek and slim aluminum form factor. Samsung are tight-lipped on its specifications but we do it will come with a 500GB hard disk and a 24GB SSD for super quick boot ups and wakes from sleeps. In terms of ports, you’ll get two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port, HDMI output, and a 4-in-1 memory card reader.

The screen itself, despite being a prototype unit, felt very responsive to use. Overall, the Series 5 Ultra Touch feels solidly constructed and well-built.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible

The Series 5 Ultra Convertible, on the other hand, is tablet/Ultrabook hybrid. It is similar to the Series 5 Ultra Touch, except that it has a keyboard that can be folded all the way until it is resting against the back of the screen, thereby transforming the Ultrabook into a tablet-like device. Again, Samsung has not revealed it specifications.

The overall look and feel of the Series 5 Ultra Convertible is highly similar to the Series 5 Ultra Touch, and the way its keyboard folds is interesting. However, it does mean that when folded, the keys are left exposed and even if they are disabled, it still makes it a bit hard to hold as compared to a regular tablet with a smooth back. The touchscreen is also very responsive.

On a whole, the construction of both these Series 5 Ultrabooks are top notch and is a testament to Samsung’s growing reputation for making classy products with a premium look and feel. These two Ultrabooks are very promising and we can't wait to have them in our labs so that we can put them through our rigorous tests.

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