Google wants to deliver with Project Wing

Google wants to deliver with Project Wing

According to the Atlantic, Google has been working on Project Wing, a drone delivery initiative from its Google X research lab. The company has conducted over 30 test flights, and hopes the drones will be eventually deployed to make same-day delivery service a reality.

Google has opted for an “unconventional design” called the tail-sitter for Project Wing’s delivery drone. The Atlantic describes the flying machine as a cross between a helicopter and a plane. The drone is capable of both vertical and horizontal flight. The drone uses an electronic system called the “egg” to lower the goods at the point of delivery. Its sensors are capable of detecting when the package hits the ground, and detach it for the final delivery.

The team from Google X has admitted to the Atlantic that their development efforts are far from over. This is mainly due to issues with the reliability of the entire delivery system. However, they claim that such issues are surmountable. We have a burning question for the Google X team; how on earth is the drone going to get an acknowledgement from a human being to mark a successful delivery?

(Source: The Atlantic)


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What happens when you're in an office? Does the drone come in the door and up to your desk? At least at home I have a good sized balcony for it !

And how are all these drones going to be allowed to whine all over our skies? Amazon, Google, FedEx, UPS, Purolator, SingPost, Ta-Q-Bin, Food Panda, Room Service, etc etc. So many drones droning all day and night. And how will they avoid crashing into each other?

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