Apple Bans Ulysses Comic for Nudity, Changes Mind after Media Attention

Apple Bans Ulysses Comic for Nudity, Changes Mind after Media Attention

Another day, another arbitrary decision from the rulers of Cupertino. Once again, an iPad has got into the news, this time for having nude breasts in a comic adaptation of James Joyce's masterpiece Ulysses. Apparently, a single panel featuring an unclothed woman was the offender and the comic app was rejected. Of course, like many other such censorship issues that have cropped up with the App Store, the media got wind of it. And what do you know, the comic app developer has now been asked to re-submit the app for approval.

Wired - As The New York Times points out, it’s been a long time since Joyce’s sprawling masterpiece Ulysses was considered obscene, but as the saying goes, “There’s an app for that.” Now, it seems that a comic book version of Ulysses — intended as an app for the iPad — offended the sensitive souls in Cupertino, who would not approve it in part because of a drawing of unclothed human mammary glands.

We're not taking any bets that Apple will now approve the comic, but you know the drill by now. Click here for the full story.

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