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Video LG G4 smartphone: Auto, Simple and Manual camera shooting modes demoed!

The new LG G4 has several new advancements in both hardware and software. This video focuses on how the camera's UI for Auto, Simple and Manual modes differ.

Video First Looks: LG G Flex2

Sporting a 5.5-inch, 1080p curved P-OLED screen, LG's new G Flex2 is also the first Snapdragon 810-powered device to land in Singapore. A better screen and a faster processor aside, how else is it different from the original G Flex? This video will tell you more.

Video LG G Watch demoed - World's first Android Wear powered watch

LG's G Watch is the latest major smart watch to appear on the market, but unlike others before it, this is an Android Wear-powered device. That makes it compatible with any handheld device running Android 4.3 OS and newer. We show you all you need to know about it in under two minutes!

Video First Looks: LG G3 Smartphone

The LG G3 is one of the first few smartphones to come with a Quad HD resolution display. It will be available for pre-order from June 14 to June 21, and hit retail shelves from June 28. Here's a quick overview of what else you can expect from it.

Video What Happens when Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Run Wild?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are useful at keeping homes clean, but have you ever wondered what happens when you put several of them in a room and let them run wild? Wonder no more, take a look here. To find out who's the best, grab a copy of HWM June 2014 edition!

Video A HardwareZone PlayTest Event with LG - Phone Design Evolved with Curved Displays

With the arrival of the world's first flexible and curved smartphone, the LG G Glex, we decided to put together a PlayTest event that charted the major design milestones in mobile phones and key advancements in tech that have made the LG G Flex a reality.

Video LG G Flex Smartphone Preview - Flexing for a Versatile Future

Just how good is the LG G Flex's self healing rear finish? How much can the G Flex 'flex'? Find out as we take a closer look at LG's newest phablet, the 6-inch curved display G Flex.

Video A HardwareZone PlayTest Event with LG - TV Evolution with 4K and Curved OLED TVs

With smaller 4K TVs just made available and the impending arrival of OLED TVs, we thought it's a great time to put together a PlayTest event to share to our audience on what all the new TV tech means to them in a special session on TV Evolution with LG. Here are the video highlights!

Video First Looks: LG 65-inch LA9700 Ultra HD TV

So how good is 4K in real life? We check out the new 65-inch LA9700 Ultra HD TV from LG to find out.

Video First Looks: LG G2 Smartphone

We take a closer look at LG's latest flagship smartphone, the 5.2-inch Full HD LG G2, which boasts an insanely thin 2.65mm bezel and has all of its buttons ergonomically positioned on the rear!