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Tech News ASUS announces world's slimmest 13.3-inch Ultrabook, the new Zenbook UX305

ASUS' latest 13.3-inch Ultrabook, the ZenBook UX305, is also the world's slimmest, measuring just 12.3mm thick and weighing just 1.2kg.

Tech News ASUS Zenbook UX302 to Hit Local Stores on 20 December

Maintaining the Zenbook taper outline design and aluminum spun polish hallmark, the ASUS Zenbook UX302's scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Full HD IPS display is coated with a sheer high gloss finish, and has been available for pre-order since 28 November. It will hit local stores on 20 December.

Tech News ASUS Zenbooks to Undergo a Major Ivy Bridge Refresh

Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks will be hitting the market soon, but simply swapping out Sandy Bridge processors for Ivy Bridge ones and calling it a refresh simply won't do. That's why ASUS is planning a major component upgrade to their Zenbook series to complement the arrival of Ivy Bridge processors.

Tech News ASUS Launches its Zenbook and Eee Slate

ASUS unveils the Zenbook which offers an instant-on feature, and expands its tablet range by launching the Eee Slate B121, which is aimed at business professionals.