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Tech News Xiaomi's first batch of Mi 4 phones sold out in China under 40 seconds

Xiaomi announced yesterday that its first batch of Mi 4 smartphones sold out in China under 40 seconds although it did not reveal how many units were available.

Tech News Xiaomi jumps on wearable bandwagon with S$16 Mi Band

Besides the Mi 4 flagship smartphone, Xiaomi also unveiled the Mi Band. It is a fitness tracking wristband that can stay powered on for 30 days.

Tech News Xiaomi unveils 5-inch Mi 4 smartphone, priced at S$400 (16GB) and S$500 (64GB)

Xiaomi officially unveiled the Mi 4 flagship smartphone at a launch event in Beijing. Hit the link to find out what's new in the Mi 4.

Tech News Alleged photos and specs of Xiaomi Mi 4 leaked one day before launch event

The latest batch of leaked photos and specs may dampen your expectations for Xiaomi's upcoming Mi 4 flagship smartphone which is expected to be announced tomorrow.

Tech News Xiaomi Mi 4 to come with 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805 and 4G support?

Xiaomi's upcoming Mi 4 flagship smartphone is listed on an online retailer with a price tag and a full list of specs. As with any unofficial leaks and rumors, do take this with a pinch of salt as the information provided is unverified.

Tech News Xiaomi to Hold Product Launch Event on July 22, Hints at Steel Metal Device

Bin Lin, co-founder and President of Xiaomi, announced on his Facebook Page that the company is holding its annual product launch event on July 22. The event poster suggests that Xiaomi is unveiling a product made from a piece of steel metal.

Tech News Leaked Front Panel of Xiaomi Mi 4 Hints at Ultra-Thin Bezels

Xiaomi may be launching its next flagship smartphone, the Mi 4 soon as a photo of its front panel is taken from the assembly line. If the front panel in the photo turns out to be that of the Mi 4, Xiaomi is going to give the LG G3 a run for its money.

Tech News Xiaomi Singapore Sold 5,000 Units of Redmi Note in 42 Seconds

Xiaomi Singapore announced on its Facebook Page that it took 42 seconds for 5,000 units of the Redmi Note to be sold out.

Tech News Xiaomi Shipped 10 Million Units of Mi 3, Unveils Champagne Gold Version for China

Xiaomi announced that it has shipped 10 million units of its flagship smartphone, the Mi 3. To celebrate this milestone, President and co-founder Bin Lin unveiled a champagne gold version for the Chinese market.

Tech News Xiaomi to Launch Redmi 1S in Singapore on July 8

Xiaomi Singapore just announced on its Facebook Page that the Redmi 1S will be available for purchase next Tuesday, July 8. Hit the link to find out more.