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Tech News Xiaomi working on trade-in program for Apple iPhone users?

Xiaomi is reportedly working on a trade-in program for consumers to trade in their existing iPhones to get the Mi Note or Mi Note Pro. The Chinese company is also developing an app to help iPhone users transfer their data over.

Tech News Xiaomi unveils Smart Home Suite

At the GeekPark Innovation Festival in Beijing a few days ago, Xiaomi’s President Bin Lin unveiled a Smart Home Suite consisting of a group of four components.

Tech News Xiaomi unveils premium Mi Note and Mi Note Pro phablets

Xiaomi announced its first premium phablet today, the Xiaomi Note. The note boasts a 5.7-inch Full HD display but is lighter and thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus. It also sports a 13MP rear camera with OIS, and a 4MP front-facing camera. A premium Note Pro will also be available, armed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 2K display.

Tech News Xiaomi to announce 5.7-inch Redmi Note 2 on January 15?

Chinese e-commerce site Oppomart has published an image, specs and price for Xiaomi's upcoming flagship device, which is now believed to be the Redmi Note 2. Hit the link to find out more.

Tech News Xiaomi Mi Pad coming to Singapore soon?

The 7.9-inch Xiaomi Mi Pad may be making its way to Singapore soon after it is listed on IDA's Equipment Search List.

Tech News Xiaomi to unveil new flagship device on January 15

What's as thin as a cicada's wing? We'll find out on January 15 when Xiaomi announces its newest flagship device.

Tech News Xiaomi sold 61.1 million smartphones in 2014, to enter more markets this year

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, announced on Weibo that the company sold 61.1 million smartphones in 2014. Lei also shared that Xiaomi will be expanding into other markets this year.

Tech News Xiaomi announces 4.7-inch Redmi 2 with dual-4G SIM card slots, priced at S$150

Xiaomi just announced its latest smartphone, the Redmi 2. As rumored, it comes with dual-4G SIM card slots and is powered by MIUI 6. It is priced at 699RMB (estimated to be S$150).

Tech News Xiaomi to launch new Redmi 1S with dual-4G SIM card slots on January 4?

Xiaomi teases on Twitter that it is announcing a new Redmi device on January 4. It is said that the Chinese company will unveil a new Redmi 1S model with two SIM card slots that support 4G LTE connectivity.

Tech News Is this the flagship device that Xiaomi will unveil next month?

Xiaomi's upcoming flagship smartphone, believed to be the Mi 5, has leaked on Chinese networking site Weibo. Hit the link to find out more!