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Tech News Tag Heuer will launch smart watch by November, will be priced at US$1400

At a recent launch event in Dubai, Tag Heuer's CEO Jean-Claude Biver said that the company will launch its smart watch by November this year.

Tech News Apple: We have over 3,500 apps available for the Apple Watch

Apple announced today that there are over 3,500 apps available for the Apple Watch. This is a rather impressive number considering that developers were only allowed to submit apps for approval from March 31st.

Tech News Almost nothing can scratch the Ion-X glass of the Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Watch Sport may not have the tough sapphire display of the premium Watch and Watch Edition counterparts, but it has strengthened Ion-X glass display. How durable is the Ion-X glass display? Click to find out more.

Tech News Xiaomi and Li-Ning are working on a pair of smart running shoes

Xiaomi already has a smartband, and if rumors are a true, a smartwatch could be on the way too, but how about a pair of smart running shoes? According to a report on Reuters, Xiaomi is teaming up with China-based shoe manufacturer Li-Ning to make tracking your running activities more advanced than ever.

Tech News Motorola Moto 360 now available in Singapore

Better late than never right? The elegant and stylish Motorola Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch has arrived in Singapore, and will be available from today for S$380, exclusively on Rakuten and MSTATION. In addition, the first 36 pre-orders of the Moto 360 will receive a free leather strap (worth S$60).

Tech News Apple targets 19 hours of "mixed usage" battery life for Apple Watch

The battery life of the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch was never undisclosed at launch, but we now know that Apple is aiming for 19 hours of battery life for its new wearable with "mixed usage."

Tech News Apple to rely heavily on Samsung for Apple Watch components

According to reports, Apple is once again turning to Samsung to produce components for its eagerly anticipated Apple Watch.

Tech News Nike's self-lacing 'Back to the Future' shoes could come out this year

Let's face it, those hoverboard concepts that have been floating around (heh) aren't exactly what we dreamed of when we saw Back to the Future 2. But we might still get at least one piece of tech true to the movie if Nike designer Tinker Hatfield delivers on his goal to "deliver the Nike MAG in 2015 with Power Laces."

Tech News Alcatel takes a shot at Motorola, debuts an affordable smart watch

That's right, for US$150, the new Alcatel Watch can easily pass off as the more expensive Motorola Moto 360 - minus some functionality. Find out how similar (or different) it really is.

Tech News Epson announces new Runsense GPS running watch and M-Tracer golf swing analyzer

Epson has just announced its new Runsense GPS running watch and M-Tracer golf swing analyzer at CES 2015.