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Tech News Fitbit's Surge aims to be the smart watch for hardcore fitness aficionados

Hot on the heels of the rumor of Microsoft's foray into the world of fitness wearables comes the revelation of the Fitbit Surge, which is more than just a regular fitness tracker or smart watch. In fact, it might be marketed as a 'super watch'.

Tech News Samsung's flexible batteries can be wrapped around your wrist

One of the biggest problems preventing the mass uptake of wearables today is battery life. No-one wants to recharge their watch every day. Samsung however, may have the solution: bendy batteries.

Tech News The Apple Watch is Apple's entry into the world of wearables

The most eagerly anticipated wearable ever has finally been revealed. Apple's Apple Watch fulfilled many leaked rumors, but in typical Apple fashion, it held a few surprises too.

Tech News Intel goes high fashion with MICA

Intel has revealed its high fashion smart bracelet targeted at trend-setting women. Designed by Opening Ceremony, powered by Intel, MICA is a fashion accessory with advanced communication capabilities. Read on to uncover details of the collaboration between the strange bedfellows.

Tech News Imprint Energy is looking to print flexible, rechargeable batteries

Imprint Energy is developing a zinc-based flexible battery that can be printed using industrial screen printers. Is this exactly what wearable technology needs? Read on for more details.

Tech News Google Showcases LG, Samsung and Motorola Android Wear Smartwatches at Google I/O

Google showed off the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and Moto 360 smartwatches running its Android Wear software at Google I/O today. LG and Samsung's devices will be available for order on the Google Play Store later today, while Motorola's watch will launch later this year.

Tech News Leaked: Google's Upcoming Fitness Tracking Platform, Google Fit to be Launched Soon

According to Forbes, Google plans to launch Google Fit, a health and fitness tracking platform at its upcoming Google I/O conference, which will take place later this month.

Tech News Intel to Focus on the Internet of Things

With up to 50 billion Internet of Things devices installed in the world by 2020, Intel is working aggressively to bring its familiar x86 architecture into the IoT and wearables world. Today at IDF 2014 in Shenzhen, China, Intel CEO unveiled new products and solutions to drive the growth of IoT.

Tech News Quark Takes a Backseat as First Intel Edison Products will be Powered by Atom SoCs

Intel has announced the extension of Intel Edison to a family of development boards. The key development is the use of a 22nm Intel Silvermont dual-core Atom SoC to replace the Quark SoC. Initially, Intel said the Edison development board was supposed to be based on the latter.

Tech News Rumor: Intel to Acquire Wearable Tech Company Basis for US$100 Million

According to TechCrunch, Intel has bought Basis for US$100 million. The alleged target of acquisition is a San Francisco-based startup that makes wearable health trackers.