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Tech News Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer to launch new smart watch next summer

Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer has stated that it is working on its own smart watch which has been designed to compete directly with the Apple Watch.

Tech News Sony's working on a device similar to Google Glass

Sony believes that Google's on to something with their Google Glass idea. That's why they are coming out with something similar, without requiring custom frames.

Tech News Wish granted! Fitbit's Charge set to rush into stores before Christmas

To all those wishing for a Fitbit Charge as a Chrismas present, Santa (or somebody at Fitbit) heard your wishes. The Charge is coming before Chrismas locally!

Tech News The Cogito Classic is a different kind of smartwatch

Merging technology with classic analog movement, the Cogito Classic smartwatch is now available in Singapore and comes in a variety of colors and straps.

Tech News LG G Watch R will go on sale this weekend

LG has just confirmed to us that its new G Watch R will go on sale later this week on November 15. It will be available at all telcos and leading retailers.

Tech News Jawbone introduces its most advanced activity trackers yet

Jawbone has just announced two new activity trackers, the Up3 and Move, with the former being the company's most advanced activity tracker yet, boasting new features such as heart-rate and temperature sensor.

Tech News Microsoft joins the wearables market with the fitness tracking Microsoft Band

Microsoft is officially entering the wearables market with the newly released Microsoft Band, a 10-sensor fitness tracker that is compatible with Windows Phone, as well as iOS and Android.

Tech News Fitbit officially announces new line of activity trackers - Charge and Surge

Fitbit announces its new upcoming activity trackers; the Charge, Charge HR and the Surge with prices ranging from S$169 to S$329. Check out how what's in store for each version.

Tech News Fitbit's Surge aims to be the smart watch for hardcore fitness aficionados

Hot on the heels of the rumor of Microsoft's foray into the world of fitness wearables comes the revelation of the Fitbit Surge, which is more than just a regular fitness tracker or smart watch. In fact, it might be marketed as a 'super watch'.

Tech News Samsung's flexible batteries can be wrapped around your wrist

One of the biggest problems preventing the mass uptake of wearables today is battery life. No-one wants to recharge their watch every day. Samsung however, may have the solution: bendy batteries.