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Tech News Strong Tablet and Expected Ultrabook Demand Boost Adata SSD Sales

Taiwanese memory module manufacturer, Adata Technology has reported that rising demand for tablets, and an influx of short lead-time orders from the Ultrabook sector, led to SSD sales staying at high levels. Hopefully, the strong demand reported will lead to lower SSD prices.

Tech News Ultrabooks to Stimulate Stalled Windows-Intel "Framework"

Acer's chairman, J.T Wang, feels that Ultrabooks could be the magic bullet that jolts the "Wintel" (Windows-Intel) slump on touch-centric devices. He also mentioned price as a major deciding factor that will make or break the Ultrabook.

Tech News Acer Expects Ultrabook Price Cuts in Q2 2012

It may not be in time for the holiday season, but Acer expects a significant drop in Ultrabook prices in the second quarter of 2012. Read on to find out more.

Tech News Apple to Add 15-inch MacBook Air?

Looks like rumors of a 15-inch MacBook Air are getting louder the closer we get to 2012 -- which will also see the launch of the Ivy Bridge architecture in early 2012.

Tech News 1080p Ultrabooks from Acer and ASUS in early 2012?

The best part about the bigger, better and faster competition between manufacturers is that consumers may have full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) Ultrabooks to choose from as early as Q1 2012.

Tech News Lenovo Launches U300s Ultrabook in Singapore

One of the better Ultrabooks we've had our hands on will soon be available for sale in Singapore. Also for sale will be the 14-inch Lenovo IdeaPad U400 that isn't an Ultrabook, but has a similarly thin profile and an optical drive.

Tech News MasterCard and Intel Bring More Secure Payment to Ultrabooks

Intel and MasterCard has just announced that it would collaborate to vastly improve the consumer experience and security for online shopping.

Tech News Lenovo Plans for Hybrid ThinkPad X1, Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks in Mid 2012

Lenovo's been feeling pretty generous lately and has shed some light regarding its plans on creating a hybrid ThinkPad X1 that boasts twice the battery life with an Instant Media Mode, as well as when to expect Ivy Bridge processors in Ultrabooks.

Tech News Ultrabooks Will Jumpstart "Retarded" PC Evolution

Intel's CEO Paul Otellini lets the world know just how committed they are towards PCs, and thinks that Ultrabooks will jumpstart the PC's evolution which he feels has been retarded for the past few years.

Tech News Ivy Bridge Processor to Come With "Retina-Quality" Display

Looking for a very good reason not to get those superb Ultrabooks right now? There aren't very much reasons why you shouldn't but if you really need one, then a "retina-quality" display on an Ivy Bridge processor is as good a reason as any.