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Tech News Acer announces availability of Chromebase DC221HQ AIO desktops

Acer has announced that its Chromebase DC221HQ AIO desktop is now available for purchase by customers in the US. A version with a 10-point touchscreen panel will be available later in July.

Tech News Control up to 5 coolings fans with your fingertips using Thermaltake’s Commander FT

Thermaltake has released the Commander FT, allowing you to control up to 5 cooling fans with only your fingertips!

Tech News Acer R7 Update Revealed at IFA

Acer has just revealed an update to the Acer Aspire R7, a 15-inch convertible notebook with an Ezel Hinge -- a single hinge at the back of the machine that lets you tilt the display in a myriad of different ways. The new model now comes with an Intel fourth generation processor, as well as a bundled active pen (N-trig technology).

Tech News Outgoing Intel CEO Foresees Prices of Touch-Enabled Win 8 Devices Dropping to US$400

Outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini believes that the next generation of Haswell processors will bring along a new wave of Windows 8 touch-enabled devices with more attractive price points down into the US$300 or US$400 range. This may happen as OEMs start exploring new form factors for these devices.

Tech News Tactus Technology Demonstrates World's First Morphing Tactile Touchscreen Keyboard

At CES 2013, Tactus Technology, a California-based company demonstrated a tablet whose touchscreen can morph into real physical buttons that rise up out of the surface on demand, and then recede back into the screen, leaving a perfectly flat, transparent surface when gone.

Tech News Intel Makes Touchscreens Mandatory on Future Ultrabooks

Future notebooks with Intel's fourth generation processor codenamed "Haswell", must feature touchscreens in order to qualify for the "Ultrabook" trademark.

Tech News Acer Adds Touchscreens to Aspire M3 and Aspire V5

Acer has unveiled their initial Windows 8 strategy: equipping the very capable Acer Aspire M3, and the Acer Aspire V5 with touchscreens. Acer is no stranger to unconventional form factors, so this may mean that the Taiwanese manufacturer has something else up their sleeves in the coming months.

Tech News Toshiba Reveals U925t Sliding Ultrabook

Toshiba will not be building the first wave of Windows RT devices, but that's only because it's focusing on Windows 8 machines, like the recently revealed Toshiba Satellite U925t sliding Ultrabook.

Tech News Taking Touch Surfaces to the next Level with Disney Research's Touche

Researchers from Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University are working on a technology dubbed "Touche" that will enable real-world objects like chairs or doorknobs to detect a touch event, and also recognize what they are being touched by and how they are being touched.

Tech News Will the Apple TV be Revealed on March 7th?

Apple's recent media invitation has fueled widespread speculations from tech publications and readers as to whether the Cupertino firm would unveil the Apple TV instead of the presumed iPad 3.