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Tech News Thunderstrike 2 is the first firmware worm that attacks Mac remotely

Security researchers have demonstrated how Macs are vulnerable to firmware worms (just like PCs) by developing the first firmware worm that attacks Macs remotely

Tech News Intel's Next Generation Thunderbolt Could Offer as Much as 40Gbps Throughput

According to leaked slides, Intel's next generation Thunderbolt interfaced, codenamed "Alpine Ridge", could offer as much as 40Gbps of throughput.

Tech News LaCie Announes New Thunderbolt 2 Storage Devices Aimed at Enabling 4K Post-Production

LaCie has just announced three new Thunderbolt 2 storage devices that are targeted at professionals who demand the utmost in speed and bandwidth.

Tech News WD Introduces Thunderbolt-Powered Portable Dual-Drive, My Passport Pro (Updated)

Available in 2TB and 4TB capacities, My Passport Pro is directly powered via the integrated Thunderbolt cable, and features a user-selectable RAID function, which lets users choose data striping (RAID 0) for high performance or mirroring (RAID 1) for data redundancy, depending on the user's needs.

Tech News New Speedy Buffalo DriveStation Features Two SSD Drives and Two Thunderbolt Ports

Buffalo's speediest portable storage device to date, the DriveStation Mini Thunderbolt SSD edition (SSD-WAT), features two SSD drives and two Thunderbolt ports, and offers more than double the interface transfer speeds as compared to the regular Thunderbolt SSD drive.

Tech News Intel Reveals Prototype 128GB Thunderbolt Thumb Drive

At the recently concluded Computex 2013, Intel showed off its prototype 128GB Thunderbolt thumb drive. The company claimed it is the world's fastest thumb drive.

Tech News Sonnet Announces the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock

Sonnet has announced the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock, a full featured docking station for Mac and Windows computers equipped with Thunderbolt ports.

Tech News New Thunderbolt Doubles Speeds

The next generation of the Thunderbolt interface, codenamed "Falcon Ridge", is due in 2014 and will apparently double the speeds offered by the current iterations. They will also have enough bandwidth to support 4K images while still being backward compatible.

Tech News Gigabyte Demonstrates 4K Video Output with Dual Thunderbolt Mobo (Update)

Gigabyte has demonstrated the 4K video support of its dual-port Thunderbolt Intel Z77 motherboards. By using a third generation Intel Core I3, i5 or i7 CPU with Intel HD graphics, the dual-port Thunderbolt motherboard is able to output an Ultra HD 4K video stream across four standard displays.

Tech News Corning to Sell Glass-Based Optical Cables in Q1

Although Corning is known for Gorilla Glass, they also introduced glass-based optical cables at CES this year. Optical Cables by Corning will make its way into retail shelves for those who require ultra-long Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 cables.