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Tech News Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Android and iOS

Microsoft has just announced some ways to make your Android phone or iPhone work better with Windows 10 on the PC, and one of them is a Cortana app.

Tech News ViewQwest’s 2Gbps fiber broadband now available for businesses

Designed for high bandwidth corporate usage, businesses will be able to enjoy the first-ever aggregated 2Gbps net bandwidth for one connection.

Tech News Windows 10 for PCs and Windows 10 for phones will not arrive at the same time

Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore has confirmed that Windows 10 will arrive at different timings for different devices.

Tech News Microsoft shows off more HoloLens use cases in its "mixed reality" demo at Build 2015

We already knew some of the cool stuff HoloLens can do. At Build, we were treated to a few more, including a video player that follows you around.

Tech News Continuum will turn your Windows 10 phone into a desktop PC

Simply put, Continuum for phones in Windows 10 lets you turn your phone into a desktop PC once you hook it up to a monitor and a keyboard and mouse.

Tech News Microsoft Office add-ons are going cross-platform too

At today’s Build developer conference, Microsoft has revealed more plans that it has lined up to help developers reach the 1.2 billion Office users out there. And it starts by turning Office into a genuine platform.

Tech News Carrier billing for Windows Store purchases coming to all Windows devices

At the Build developer conference, Microsoft has shared more details on what the Windows Store will offer to end-users, businesses, and developers.

Tech News Here's how Windows 10 will run Android and iOS apps

Today at Build, Windows chief Terry Myerson laid out more plans for the company's Universal Windows Platform strategy. And it involves Android and iOS.

Tech News Microsoft Edge is the name of Microsoft's new browser in Windows 10

Project Spartan, the successor to Internet Explorer, finally has a name, and it's Microsoft Edge.

Tech News Microsoft announces Visual Studio Code cross-platform code editor

Microsoft has just announced Visual Studio Code, a code-optimized editor that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.