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Tech News President Obama issues an executive order in an attempt to build the world's first exascale supercomputer

President Obama has just signed an executive order for the creation of a National Strategic Computer Initiative (NSCI). This is in hope of putting his country ahead in the global supercomputing race. More details after the jump.

Tech News 3M, SGI & Intel Showcase Advanced Cooling Technology for the "Data Center of the Future"

3M has announced the implementation of a fully functional supercomputer developed in collaboration with Intel and SGI that uses a revolutionary two-phase immersion cooling technology pioneered by 3M.

Tech News nCore HPC Announces BrownDwarf Supercomputer

nCore HPC has rolled out their BrownDwarf supercomputer that features a heterogeneous ARM- and digital signal processor-based (DSP) system, capable of carrying out high-performance computing tasks at significantly reduced power levels.

Tech News World's Top Supercomputer From 2009 Now Obsolete, Will Be Dismantled

The IBM Roadrunner, formerly the world's fastest supercomputer, and the first computer to break the petaflop barrier of performance, has today been declared obsolete and will be taken offline.

Tech News Piz Daint Supercomputer to be Upgraded with NVIDIA Tesla K20X GPUs

Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is upgrading its Piz Daint supercomputer with NVIDIA Tesla K20X GPUs, with the assistance of Cray, the supercomputer company. After its upgrade, Piz Daint will be the first petascale supercomputer in Switzerland.

Tech News University of Southampton Engineers Build Supercomputer out of Raspberry Pis

A team at the University of Southampton in the UK has built a supercomputer out of Raspberry Pi computers and Lego. They've also published a guide on how to make your own Raspberry Pi supercomputer.

Tech News Intel Ships 60-Core Xeon Phi Processor

Intel has shipped its 60-core Xeon Phi coprocessor to selected customers. First unveiled in June this year, the coprocessor comes in the form of a PCIe expansion card and operates independently of the host operating system, courtesy of its own Linux operating system that manages each x86 core.

Tech News AMD Awarded US$12.6 Million in Supercomputing Grants from US Government

AMD has been granted US$ $12.6 million under the FastForward program. The program is a joint effort between the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Department of Energy to advance research of exascale computers that are a 1000 times faster than current supercomputers.

Tech News Intel Xeon Phi - The Future of Intel MIC Architecture

At the International Supercomputing Conference 2012, Intel announced that Xeon Phi is the new brand name for all future Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture) products. Read on to find out more details as Intel unveils the first of such processors.

Tech News LRZ and IBM Announce First Commercial Hot Water-Cooled Supercomputer

Built with the IBM System x iDataPlex Direct Water Cooled dx360 M4 servers with more than 150,000 cores, the SuperMUC is a powerful, high-performance system designed to aid researchers and industrial institutions across Europe take on scientific challenges.