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Tech News The US hacked North Korea first

The Sony hacking story takes on yet another spin with a new US revelation.

Tech News Sony announces new 4K camcorders at CES 2015

In addition to the 4K-capable FDR-AXP35 and FDR-AX30 Handycams, Sony has also introduced a 4K-capable action cam for those with a penchant for point-of-view shooting.

Tech News All of Sony’s 2015 TVs will run Android TV

In total, Sony's 2015 4K TV lineup consists of four new series and ten new models, ranging from 43 to 75 inches. In addition to running Android TV, they also feature a new 4K Processor X1 engine.

Tech News Sony unveils suite of High Resolution Audio products at CES 2015

Sony has just revealed their line-up of HRA products for 2015, including a new top-of-the-line Walkman, headphones, wireless speakers, home theater systems and multi-channel integrated amplifiers. More details within.

Tech News Sony to unveil 12.9-inch tablet in the first half of 2015?

Sony is said to be releasing a 12.9-inch tablet in the first half of 2015. It is expected to cost more than US$1,000 and sports an ultra-thin chassis of 8.6mm.

Tech News Sony hasn't decided on where or how to stream and distribute The Interview

Sony has indicated that it intends to distribute The Interview, even after it was at the center of a massive hack that left the company crippled and also its latest movies leaked.

Tech News Sony's working on a device similar to Google Glass

Sony believes that Google's on to something with their Google Glass idea. That's why they are coming out with something similar, without requiring custom frames.

Tech News North Korea denies being responsible for Sony Pictures hack

Despite evidence pointing towards the involvement of North Korea, the country has denied it was responsible for the recent hack on Sony Pictures.

Tech News Sony celebrates Playstation's 20th anniversary in style

It has been 20 years since the first product bearing Playstation brand first launched and Sony's celebrating that by releasing another Playstation branded product. Guess what it is!

Tech News Sony's latest movies leaked following hack attack

Following last week's hack attack, Sony's latest movies such as Fury and Annie are now being shared online and downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users.