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Tech News Intel Adds New Desktop and Mobile CPUs to Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge Series

Intel has just refreshed its Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge lineups with both desktop and mobile processors. The company also reduced prices for some of its low-end processors.

Tech News Rumor: Sandy Bridge CPUs to be Phased Out in Q3 2012

According to Digitimes, Intel will begin phasing out Sandy Bridge CPUs by September of this year. This is according to notebook manufacturers whom they spoke to.

Tech News Intel Refreshes Sandy Bridge Lineup with Three New Core i5 CPUs

Intel has refreshed its Sandy Bridge lineup with the launch of three new Core i5 desktop processors. These new quad-core CPUs have their on-board GPUs disabled.

Tech News Intel Continues to Dominate Graphics Market with over 60% Market Share

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) announced for the 3rd quarter of 2011, Intel's market share of graphics shipments is 60.4%. AMD maintained its share while NVIDIA's slid.

Tech News Intel Launches Core i7-2700K Processor, Reduces Prices of Low-End Desktop CPUs

Intel has launched its new Core i7-2700K CPU at a price of US$332; it has a default frequency of 3.5GHz, a 100MHz bump in clock speed compared to its 2600K predecessor.

Tech News Intel Gains Microprocessor Share on Strength of PC Sales and Sandy Bridge Success

Intel has increased its lead in the CPU revenue market share by 1.1% over the last year while AMD saw its share fall by the same amount to 10.4%.

Tech News ASUS to Launch Ultrabooks on October 11

Judging from the micro-site's countdown and a very familiar image, ASUS will most likely launch its UX-series Ultrabooks in New York on October 11th.

Tech News Overheard: Intel's Core i7-2700K Available Next Month for US$331

Come October, we may expect the debut of the Intel Core i7-2700K for a price of US$331; hence, prospective buyers would not have to wait to long to get their hands on it.

Tech News Sandy Bridge Update Boosts Games Performance By 37%

Intel's latest Sandy Bridge updates claim to boost the performance of its integrated graphics. The biggest gains are seen on their Ultra-Low-Voltage (ULV) processors at about 37%.

Tech News Intel Readies Core i7-2700K for Launch?

A slip-up by Intel and BIOSTAR has revealed the chipmaker's next high-performance socket LGA1155 processor, the Core i7-2700K. It will be replacing the Core i7-2600K CPU.