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Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Susceptible to Spoofing Hack

The fingerprint scanner security feature of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone can be bypassed with a spoofing hack. The hack was demonstrated by researchers from Germany-based Security Research Labs.

Teardown Reveals Samsung S5 Costs About US$256 to Build

According to market research firms IHS, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone costs about US$256 to make, making it more costly to make than the iPhone 5S.

Samsung Launches Galaxy S5 in Singapore, Available for Walk-In Customers Tomorrow

Samsung today launched the Galaxy S5 in Singapore with pre-registered customers from the three telcos and Samsung Experience Stroes being among the first to have the phone.

SingTel Group and Samsung to Promote Mobile Data Growth in Emerging Markets

The SingTel Group and Samsung today announced a landmark partnership to promote mobile data growth in emerging markets. The initiatives is expected to benefit over 500 million mobile customers across the region.

StarHub's Newest HD Interactive Set-top Box is Fast, Easy to Use & Built for the Future

StarHub today announced a strategic partnership with Samsung and Nagra for its next-gen set-top box lineup. First out of the gate is the Samsung GX-SH530CF HD interactive set-top box.

Specs of Samsung's Upcoming 10.5-Inch AMOLED Tablet Leaked

SamMobile obtained exclusive information on the specs of Samsung's upcoming 10.5-inch AMOLED tablet. It will come in Wi-Fi and LTE models.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Available in Singapore from Apr 12, Pre-Order Collection on Apr 11

Samsung today announced that the Galaxy S5 LTE (32GB) will be available in Singapore from April 12. Customers who have pre-ordered their devices from the telcos and Samsung Experience Stores can collect from April 11.

Samsung Unveils Trio of Galaxy Tab 4 Tablets, Global Availability from Q2

Samsung today announced a trio of new Android tablets under the Galaxy Tab 4 branding. They are the Galaxy Tab 4 (7.0), (8.0) and (10.1) and will be available globally from Q2.

M1 Unveils Price Plans for Samsung Galaxy S5

M1 just unveiled price plans for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

StarHub's Price Plans for Samsung Galaxy S5 Revealed

StarHub just announced the price plans for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Hit the link to find out the contract pricing.