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Tech News Samsung, Dell, and more Android device makers to pre-install Microsoft apps

Samsung has announced that it will be pre-installing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype on select Samsung Android tablets this year. And it isn't the only Android OEM to do that.

Tech News Apple seeks to increase yields of Apple Watch ahead of April 24 launch

As Apple ramps up production of its Apple Watch ahead of its April 24 launch, analysts have indicated that yields are below expectations and Apple is trying to tap on partners to increase production.

Tech News Samsung's new strategy: Keep offering premium devices

Samsung's co-CEO Shin Jong Kyun shared his plans for getting the company back in the game at the annual shareholder meeting last Friday. Read on to find out more.

Tech News Samsung to build limited edition Avengers-themed Galaxy S6 Edge models?

Rumor has it that Samsung is considering to make Avengers-themed Galaxy S6 Edge models with matching case accessories. Hit the link to find out more.

Tech News Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge listed on IDA website, to launch on April 10?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are listed on IDA's Equipment Search List, which is a hint that the company is ready to launch both models at the same time on April 10.

Tech News Singtel to trial test LTE-Advanced with Ericsson and Samsung

Singtel has just announced that it will begin trials using Ericsson's LTE-Advanced technologies and Samsung devices to boost mobile speeds beyond 300Mbps.

Tech News From CES to retail: Samsung's new curved monitors hitting stores soon

Curved displays are all the rage now so it's little wonder that major manufacturers like Samsung are releasing their products fast and furious. The latest in the Korean giant's arsenal? The SE790C and SD590C monitors.

Tech News Samsung is the current leader in the smartwatch category

According to data from an independent research company, Samsung is the current leader in the smartwatch category with an estimated 17% market share.

Tech News Here's the most revealing teaser of the Samsung Galaxy S6

U.S telco T-Mobile has uploaded the most revealing teaser image of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone on its website. Hit the link to find out more.

Tech News Leak from case maker reveals thinness of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone is reported to be as thin as the Apple iPhone 6 if leaks from case maker OBLIQ are accurate. Hit the link to find out more.