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Tech News Warning: OS X El Capitan is still vulnerable to Gatekeeper and Keychain weaknesses

Security researchers have said that Apple's latest OS, OS X El Capitan, continues to be exposed to Gatekeeper's and Keychain's vulnerabilities.

Tech News Panasonic reduces customization and servicing times for Toughbooks with new configuration center in Malaysia

In order to better serve the needs of customers in the Southeast Asia, Panasonic has opened a new configuration center in Malaysia for its rugged Toughbooks.

Tech News ASUS updates its UX305 Ultrabook with the latest 5th generation Intel processors

ASUS has just announced that it has updated its ultra-thin UX305 Ultrabook with Intel's newest fifth generation Core processors.

Tech News Toshiba refreshes notebook line-up, offers AMD Carrizo on select models

Toshiba has updated its Satellite C, L and S lines of notebooks, and select models will even feature the new AMD Carrizo processors.

Tech News MSI outs new notebook line-up at Computex 2015

MSI has announced a new range of gaming and entertainment notebooks at Computex 2015, with support for new hardware and features like Intel fifth-generation processors and NVIDIA G-Sync for notebooks.

Tech News It's official, G-Sync is coming to notebooks

We have heard rumors of G-Sync coming to notebooks for quite some time, but it's official now. NVIDIA has confirmed that manufacturers like ASUS, Aorus and MSI will begin offering G-Sync enabled notebooks starting today.

Tech News Apple to provide free repairs for 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro models experiencing video problems

Apple has determined that a small percentage of 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro models sold between 2011 and 2013 are experiencing video problems and will repair them free of charge.

Tech News ASUS announces three new ROG gaming notebooks - the ROG G751, G771 and G551

ASUS has just announced three new ROG gaming notebooks, which features Intel's recently refreshed Haswell processors as well as NVIDIA's new mobile GPUs based on the Maxwell architecture.

Tech News Samsung is pulling out of the European notebook market

No one is unaffected by the declining PC market, not even giants Samsung. And according to reports, the company is said to be exiting the European notebook market.

Tech News Cooler Master announces ErgoStand III, priced at S$89

Cooler Master has announced the local availability of ErgoStand III for S$89. This cooling stand and docking station accommodates up to 17-inch laptops and mobile tablets.