Say Goodbye to the Netbook

Tech News Say Goodbye to the Netbook

The end of netbooks is here as ASUS and Acer have both announced that it will cease making netbooks in 2013.
Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Rumored to Launch in Q2 2012

Tech News Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Rumored to Launch in Q2 2012

Google is said to launch Android 5.0 Jelly Bean in Q2 2012 with the aim of entering the notebook and netbook market segments.
ASUS Eee PC Flare Netbook Leaked Ahead of CES 2012

Tech News ASUS Eee PC Flare Netbook Leaked Ahead of CES 2012

ASUS' next-gen netbooks, dubbed as the ASUS Eee PC Flare, has been leaked ahead of CES 2012. The netbooks are expected to be powered by Intel's latest N2600, N2800 Atom CPU lineup, while a 12-inch model with AMD's Fusion APU line will also make an appearance.
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Tech News Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook Delayed

The launch of Samsung's NC215S solar netbook has been delayed till August, due to hold ups involving the machine's custom panels.
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Tech News Toshiba Announces NB550D, the Latest Edition to Its Netbook Family

The Toshiba NB550D HD multimedia netbook, offers superior sound quality with Harmon Kardon stereo speakers.
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Tech News HP Unveils New Consumer Notebook PCs Featuring Advanced Technologies and Stylish Designs

HP introduces its new additions to their existing ENVY, Mini and entry-level notebook portfolios.
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Tech News New Dual-Core Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Netbooks Hit Shelves Today

Intel Corporation has made the announcement that netbooks equipped with their new dual-core Intel Atom processor N550 are available for sale today.
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Tech News Apple iPad: Probable Culprit For Netbooks' Declining Sales

These figures may not be conclusive, however, it is interesting to know there is a possibility the Apple iPad has inflicted a degree of collateral damage on budget mobile computing solutions, and not just solely with competing tablets of the same genre as the iPad.
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Tech News ASUS Sees Netbooks Keeping Lead over Tablets

ASUS' CEO has given some of his insights into the netbook versus tablet debate and the company's plans for its Eee Pad tablet.
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Tech News New Classmate PC is a Hybrid Netbook Tablet

Intel has unveiled an updated and revamped version of its education-oriented Classmate PC.