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Tech News Intel Z170 boards revealed at Computex 2015, will support Intel sixth-generation processors

At Computex 2015, motherboard manufacturers have offered glimpses of new Intel Z170 motherboards. These boards are based on Intel's LGA 1151 socket and will support sixth-generation Intel Skylake processors.

Tech News Gigabyte X99, Z97 and H97 motherboards to support new Intel 750 Series PCIe NVMe SSDs

Gigabyte has announced that its X99, Z97 and H97 motherboard line-ups will now feature support for the NVMe storage protocol and Intel's recently-announced 750 Series PCIe SSDs. NVMe offers improved performance and lower latencies over the older AHCI protocol, and will allow consumers to take advantage of the full potential of PCIe SSDs.

Tech News ASUS reveals two AMD FM2+ gaming boards

ASUS has just announced two FM2+ gaming motherboards based on the top-end AMD A88X chipset. The Republic of Gamers Crossblade Ranger is the first FM2+ board from the prestigious series; while the A88X-Gamer is meant for the PC gamers who need a high-end AMD A88X-based system and eschew exclusive ROG features.

Tech News Gigabyte 8 Series Mobos Now Support Refreshed Intel Haswell Processors

Gigabyte has announced support for 4th-gen Intel Core processors and selected unlocked 4th-gen Intel Core processors throughout its entire range of Gigabyte 8 series motherboards, including the Z87, H87, Q87, B85. and H81 chipset based motherboards.

Tech News MSI Z87 Motherboard Power User Event

With Intel's new Haswell-class processing platform officially launched, motherboard vendors are reaching out to update the PC DIY enthusiasts on their new focus and features. MSI and Corbell held such a session yesterday, so check out some of the gadgets and gear on show!

Tech News ASRock Z87 Formula Motherboards with Waterproof Conformal Coating Covered by 5-year Warranty

ASRock's latest ATX-sized OC Formula Series motherboards, including Z87 OC Formula/ac (with 802.11ac Wi-Fi support) and Z87 OC Formula, are protected by a special layer of Conformal Coating. On top of that, they will come backed by a 5-year warranty.

Tech News Biostar Hi-Fi 3D Audio Technology Showcased at Computex 2013

In addition to displaying its embedded/IPC solutions, graphics cards, and line of Intel- and AMD-based motherboards, Biostar has also presented the 2nd gen of its Puro Hi-Fi audio technology - the "Hi-Fi 3D".

Tech News Gigabyte Launches Intel 8 Series Motherboards

Gigabyte has launched its Intel 8 series range of motherboards which support the Intel Haswell processors. These motherboards come equipped with a range of new features and technologies including digital power delivery, advanced network and device charging, gold plated hardware, new designed UEFI DualBIOS, and Gigabyte App Center.

Tech News ECS Officially Announces Intel 8-Series Motherboards

ECS has officially announced its new 8-series Durathon motherboards that consist of three product segments. The Pro series boards are optimized for power computing, the Deluxe tier boards are aimed at SOHO users, and the Essentials series will be ideal for home and multimedia settings.

Tech News BIOSTAR FM2 Motherboards Support AMD New Fusion "Richland" APUs

BIOSTAR has announced that its FM2 motherboards are ready to support the new "Richland" APUs via BIOS and driver updates.