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Tech News MSI becomes first motherboard brand to be Windows 10 certified

MSI has announced that its H81M-P33 motherboard is the first to be certified as fully compliant with Windows 10. More motherboards with official WHQL certification are to follow soon from MSI.

Tech News Biostar Intel 100-series chipset motherboards to debut at Computex 2015

Biostar has announced that it will be showcasing motherboards based on Intel's upcoming 100-series chipset at Computex 2015. The new chipset will support Intel's sixth-generation Core processors and Broadwell's successor, codenamed Skylake.

Tech News Biostar, MSI offer support for new AMD FM2+ Godavari APUs

Biostar and MSI are the first manufacturers to announce FM2+ motherboards that will support AMD's new Godavari APUs, a refresh of last year's Kaveri APUs.

Tech News MSI releases 990FXA Gaming AM3+ motherboard with support for USB 3.1 and NVMe

MSI has announced the 990FXA Gaming motherboard based on AMD's AM3+ socket. It is the first AMD motherboard to offer support for both USB 3.1 and the new NVMe storage protocol utilized by Intel's latest 750 series PCIe SSDs.

Tech News Gigabyte 9 series motherboards now support 5th-generation Intel Core processors

Support for upcoming Intel Broadwell CPUs has arrived on all Gigabyte Z97 and H97 motherboards via a BIOS update!

Tech News ASUS announces NVMe support for all X99 and Z97 motherboards

ASUS has announced that all its X99 and Z97 motherboards now support the NVMe storage protocol and will thus be compatible with NVMe storage devices like the latest Intel 750 series PCIe SSDs.

Tech News MSI launches 3 Braswell mini-ITX motherboards

MSI has launched 3 new mini-ITX motherboards to go with Intel's 14nm Braswell SoCs. The boards will feature power-saving designs, passive cooling for silent operation and decent multimedia support, making them suitable for users who want a PC with a small footprint in the home, office, or industry.

Tech News ASRock releases world’s first mini-ITX X99 motherboard

ASRock has announced the release of the ASRock X99E-ITX/ac motherboard, the world's first mini-ITX motherboard based on the enthusiast-level Intel X99 chipset. Power and performance no longer have to take up a whole lot of space on your desk, and this is good news for small system builders everywhere.

Tech News Biostar announces Hi-Fi B85Z5 motherboard

Biostar has revealed the Hi-Fi B85Z5 motherboard. Find out what distinguishing features this Intel B85 chipset-based board has to offer.

Tech News ASRock Z97 and H97 boards will support the upcoming Intel Broadwell desktop processors

ASRock has announced support for the upcoming 5th generation Intel Broadwell desktop CPUs on their Z97 and H97 motherboards. Read on to find out which boards are Broadwell compliant.