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Tech News MSI outs new Intel Z170 motherboards for Skylake

MSI has debuted a comprehensive range of gaming-oriented motherboards in its top-tier Enthusiast Gaming series, mid-range Performance Gaming series, and value-oriented Arsenal Gaming series.

Tech News Gigabyte unveils 12 new Intel Z170 motherboards for a variety of budgets

Gigabyte has revealed several new Intel Z170 motherboards in its Ultra Durable and G1 Gaming series, with a board for almost every budget.

Tech News ASUS, EVGA release new X99 micro-ATX motherboards

ASUS and EVGA have announced two new micro-ATX X99 motherboards which feature three PCIe 3.0 x16 slots each and boast an array of storage connectivity options.

Tech News Gigabyte offers details of new features on Intel 100-series boards, including Z170 G1 Gaming

Gigabyte has unveiled details on new features on its upcoming Intel 100-series motherboards, which will support Intel's next-generation Skylake processors.

Tech News MSI releases ultra-high-end X99A Godlike Gaming motherboard (Updated)

MSI has released the MSI X99A Godlike Gaming motherboard to cater to the ultra-high-end enthusiast market. With onboard lighting that spans a range of 2,000 colors and different illumination effects, MSI's latest X99 board is the definition of extravagance.

Tech News Biostar’s new mini-ITX board has an integrated Intel N3150 CPU

Biostar has released its new N3150NH mini-ITX motherboard that features an integrated Intel Celeron N3150 1.6GHz quad-core CPU.

Tech News Motherboard manufacturers to debut Intel 100-series motherboards at Computex 2015 (Updated)

Biostar and Gigabyte have announced that they will be showcasing motherboards based on Intel's upcoming 100-series chipset at Computex 2015. The new chipset will support Intel's sixth-generation Core processors and Broadwell's successor, codenamed Skylake.

Tech News Motherboard manufacturers offer support for new AMD FM2+ Godavari APUs (Updated)

Biostar and MSI are the first manufacturers to announce FM2+ motherboards that will support AMD's new Godavari APUs, a refresh of last year's Kaveri APUs.

Tech News MSI becomes first motherboard brand to be Windows 10 certified

MSI has announced that its H81M-P33 motherboard is the first to be certified as fully compliant with Windows 10. More motherboards with official WHQL certification are to follow soon from MSI.

Tech News MSI releases 990FXA Gaming AM3+ motherboard with support for USB 3.1 and NVMe

MSI has announced the 990FXA Gaming motherboard based on AMD's AM3+ socket. It is the first AMD motherboard to offer support for both USB 3.1 and the new NVMe storage protocol utilized by Intel's latest 750 series PCIe SSDs.