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Tech News Coming soon: LG G3 Beat, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

We just spotted the upcoming LG G3 Beat and Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphones as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active tablet in IDA's equipment list. We believe that these devices are probably hitting the store shelves very soon.

Tech News Microsoft to announce US$2.5 billion deal to acquire maker of Minecraft (Updated)

According to numerous reports, Microsoft will announce a US$2.5 billion deal to acquire Mojang, the maker of the popular Minecraft game, later today.

Tech News Facebook Improves Android App After Team Trip to Africa

If you have noticed Facebook on Android feeling quicker, it's a Facebook team trip to Africa that you have to thank.

Tech News Adobe's Lightroom Mobile Enables Photo Editing on the Move

Adobe has just unveiled an iPad version of Lightroom that allows you to make powerful photo adjustments on-the-go. Find out more after the jump.

Tech News Intel Demonstrates Its Integrated Mobile SoC Codenamed SoFIA

Targeting entry level and value segments, Intel unveiled and demonstrated the new SoFIA 3G mobile SoC integrated with the 64-bit Atom processor. Would these new SoCs be low cost enough to bring about a new range of low-cost Android smartphones?

Tech News Intel Labs Reveals New Low-Power Graphics Core

Researchers at Intel Labs have revealed their new low-power graphics execution core, built on the 22nm fabrication process. It is apparent this upcoming graphics core is targeted at mobile devices where power efficiency is crucial.

Tech News Bill Gates Refutes Rumors of Returning as CEO

Bill Gates has vehemently denied rumors that he might return as CEO of Microsoft. He insists that he will spend the rest of his life focusing on the efforts of his philanthropic foundation.

Tech News Google Chrome for Mobile Updated with Optional Data Compression Feature

Google recently announced a few new features baked into the latest verison of Chrome for Mobile. The most significant one is the data compression feature that will help users reduce data usage by up to 50% while browsing the web on their phones.

Tech News Acer Knows Why it Failed, but Fails to Give Details on Future Plans

In his first press conference as Acer's new CEO, Jason did not provide specifics as to the future of the company and instead dwelt on reasons why the company failed.

Tech News Mobile AppHack Hackathon to be Held in Singapore on 23 November

One of the biggest mobile app hackathons in the world will be happening in Singapore this weekend, on 23 November and 24 November. The 36-hour hackathon will see developers, designers and entrepreneurs try to build an app that will win them entry into the AngelHack Global Hackcelerator Program.