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Tech News New iPhones confirmed to have 2GB of RAM, while iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM

Using Apple's development tool Xcode, the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have been found to have 2GB of RAM, while the iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM.

Tech News The MIUI 7 interface is out with fun features for all

Loaded with a bunch of handy processes, the Xiaomi-made operating system based off Android OS is now official, with new features announced by the Xiaomi team.

Tech News The Commodore brand is back, though not in the way you'd expect

Like Atari, another name from the history of gaming has risen up like a phoenix. The Commodore branding is back!

Tech News Sony’s new Folding@Home Android app lets you fight cancer and Alzheimer’s while you sleep

Sony's Folding@Home 2.0 Android app now lets you contribute your smartphone's processing power to scientific research at any time. It also adds new social and gamified elements, so you can collaborate with and compete against other users.

Tech News Twitter live-streaming service Periscope arrives on Android

Periscope is finally here on Android, bringing with it new features and a fresh Material Design-inspired interface!

Tech News NVIDIA winds down Icera modem business, open to selling it

NVIDIA has just announced that it will be giving up on its own modem efforts and that they are also open to selling its Icera modem unit.

Tech News Sony expects to lose S$432 million on mobile devices alone this year

Sony has published its financial report for FY2014 and while overall the company isn't looking too bad, with an operating profit of ¥68.5 billion (~S$759 million), things don't look too good for Sony Mobile, who recorded an operating loss of ¥220 billion (~S$2.4 billion) last year.

Tech News Google rolls out update that ranks mobile-optimized sites more favorably on mobile searches

Google has rolled out an update that will boost the search engine rankings of mobile-friendly websites for searches made on mobile devices. If you haven't already, it's time to begin optimizing your website for mobile!

Tech News Nintendo's making games for mobile now

For years, there have been rumors that Nintendo might be making games for mobiles. For years, they've gone on the record to deny that. Until today.

Tech News Singtel and Ericsson to trial live LTE broadcast and voice over Wi-Fi calling

Singtel has just announced that it has partnered with Ericsson to trial LTE Broadcast and voice over Wi-Fi calling to improve video and voice call experiences for customers in Singapore.