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Lenovo Spends US$100 Million on Mobile Patents

Following its purchase of Motorola earlier this year, Lenovo is now buying up patents related to 3G and 4G technologies from U.S. company Unwired Planet, spending a total of US$100 million for 21 patents.

Tim Cook Talks About New Product Categories and Sale of Motorola in WSJ Interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down for an interview with The Wall Street Journal where he discussed his thoughts about Apple as a growth company, the challenges faced in emerging markets, new product categories and the sale of Motorola to Lenovo.

Google Sells Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for US$2.91 Billion

Google just announced that it is selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for US$2.91 billion. While Lenovo will acquire the portfolio of mobile phones, Google still retains the vast majority of Motorola's patents.

IBM to Offload x86 Server Business to Lenovo for US$2.3 Billion

IBM has agreed to sell its x86 server business to Lenovo for US$2.3 billion. IBM isn’t exiting the server business just yet as it will retain its high-end servers like the Power Systems, Power-based Flex machines and System z mainframes, together with its storage and cloud solutions.

Lenovo Announces Three More Devices to Connect and Share Content at CES 2014

Lenovo has announced these devices to allow users to enjoy, connect, and intertact with their media and content - the Beacon personal cloud storage device, the N308 Android home computer, and the A740 AIO PC.

Prospects for NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 Processor Appear Promising, Performance-Wise

According to Tom’s Hardware, early benchmark results show that the newly launched NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor outperforms its immediate competitors by roughly 30%, as measured with 3DMark Ice Storm scores.

Lenovo's Thinkpad 8 Tablet Means Business

Adding to its Thinkpad range of enterprise tablets, Lenovo has launched the Thinkpad 8 at CES 2014. The 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet utilizes an Intel Bay Trail quad-core 2.4GHz Atom processor with 2GB of RAM and boasts a Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution display.

Lenovo Unveils Its New 5.5-inch Flagship Vibe Z Smartphone at CES 2014

Lenovo's smartphone division continues to grow, and at CES 2014, it announced a new flagship smartphone, the 5.5-inch Full HD Vibe Z. The Vibe Z is Lenovo's first LTE smartphone, and utilizes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB RAM. It also has a 5MP wide-angle front-facing camera for better selfies.

Lenovo Bets on Multimode Computing with Yoga 2, Miix 2 and Horizon 2

Lenovo has revealed a slew of products that shows their commitment to multimode computing. There's the Lenovo Yoga 2, Miix 2 and Horizon 2, all of which are improved follow-ups to popular products released last year.

Lenovo Unveils Redesigned ThinkPad X1 Carbon & Android-running ThinkVison 28 4K Display

Lenovo has just announced the existence of two 28-inch 4K LCD monitors, the ThinkVision Pro 2840m, and the ThinkVision 28, an 8-inch Windows 8 business tablet (with an Intel Bay Trail processor) and a new redesigned Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon business Ultrabook.