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Tech News ASUS reveals two AMD FM2+ gaming boards

ASUS has just announced two FM2+ gaming motherboards based on the top-end AMD A88X chipset. The Republic of Gamers Crossblade Ranger is the first FM2+ board from the prestigious series; while the A88X-Gamer is meant for the PC gamers who need a high-end AMD A88X-based system and eschew exclusive ROG features.

Tech News AMD officially releases three new Kaveri APUs

AMD has officially released three new Kaveri APUs; they are the A10-7800, A8-7600 and A6-7400K. It has been a month since two of the three APUs were first announced.

Tech News AMD Updates Kaveri A-Series APU Lineup

AMD has updated its Kaveri A-Series APUs with three new chips. Read on to uncover their details!

Tech News AMD Launches Kaveri APUs Aimed at Business-Minded Users

AMD has released Kaveri SoCs (systems on chip) that are targeted at corporate users. Made up of three new SKUs, the new AMD Pro A-Series SoCs will support “comprehensive IT security, and management tools.” Read on to find out the technical specifications of each SoC.

Tech News Biostar Announces Dual Gigabit LAN Motherboards with 6+ Experience

Biostar has announced three motherboards with dual Gigabit LAN features. It allows for link aggregation so that the network connections can be combined in parallel. In addition, the two Gigabit LAN ports can be configured for network redundancy.

Tech News Biostar Releases Hi-Fi A88W 3D Motherboard with 6+ Experience

The new Biostar motherboard's based on the AMD FM2+ socket design that supports corresponding A-series and Athlon processors. It also features the AMD A88X chipset, with support for AMD CrossFire configurations.

Tech News Gigabyte Announces Support for AMD Kaveri APUs on FM2+ Motherboards

Gigabyte has announced official support for the recently launched AMD Kaveri APUs for its FM2+ motherboards. Consumers can choose from four different chipsets, from the top-end AMD A88X to the A55 that is suitable for entry-level PCs.

Tech News ASRock Announces Two AMD FM2+, Kaveri-Compatible Motherboards, Certified as ‘AMP 2400 Ready’

ASRock has just announced two of its AMD FM2+ motherboards have been certified to support AMD 2400MHz+ AMP (AMD Memory Profile). This means with the selection of a BIOS setting, and supported memory modules, their operating frequencies can be set easily.

Tech News Photo of AMD A10-7850K 'Kaveri' APU Leaked

An alleged photo of the AMD A10-7850 ‘Kaveri’ APU has been leaked by the Japanese website Hermitage Akihabara. Besides its picture, the site also published the screenshots of the CPU-Z and GPU-Z utilities, revealing more technical specifications of the soon-to-be-launched chip.

Tech News MSI Announces Full Range of AMD FM2+ Motherboards with Military Class IV Components

MSI has just announced its full range of AMD FM2+ motherboards that feature Military Class IV components. These boards not only support the new Steamroller core Kaveri APUs, they are also backward compatible with older FM2 Richland and Kabini APUs.