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Tech News Intel: Ivy Bridge's Graphics Processor to Support 4K resolutions

What's beyond 1080p HD videos? It is video outputs with 4K resolutions supported by Intel's Ivy Bridge GPUs. With MFX, multiple 4K video streams are also possible.

Tech News Intel Readies Core i7-2700K for Launch?

A slip-up by Intel and BIOSTAR has revealed the chipmaker's next high-performance socket LGA1155 processor, the Core i7-2700K. It will be replacing the Core i7-2600K CPU.

Tech News Apple's Thunderbolt is Coming Your Way!

If you think Apple and Intel are strange bedfellows, let Apple's Thunderbolt strike it out now! This I/O technology will leave Apple's ecosystem to make its debut on non-Mac devices by early 2012.

Tech News Intel and McAfee Unveil DeepSAFE, A Hardware-Assisted Security Technology

Intel and McAfee reveal McAfee DeepSAFE, a new and holistic approach to protect computing devices against intrusions from security breaches and malware.

Tech News Intel and Google to Optimize Android Platform for Intel Architecture

Intel and Google announced they will work together to enable and optimize future versions of Android for Intel's family of low power Atom processors.

Tech News Viewsonic Releases Dual OS Tablet with Intel Oak Trail

ViewSonic releases the ViewPad 10Pro dual OS tablet with Intel Oak Trail Platform. Tailored for business users, the device allows you to switch between Windows 7 Professional and Android platforms.

Tech News Windows 8 Intergral to Intel's Strategy

Microsoft's upcoming desktop / mobile OS, Windows 8 will play an integral role in Intel's fortunes moving forward, and it very well may go both ways.

Tech News Stage Set for Ultrabook Rise

Looks like the stage is set for the rise of the Ultrabooks, with the increasing demand for ultra-portables, as well as more powerful ultra-low voltage processors.

Tech News Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors Set to Arrive At Year End?

There are rumors that Intel's Sandy Bridge-E CPUs will be shipped by November. These consumer processors' target audience are the enthusiast overclockers.

Tech News Intel Rolls Out 16 New Desktop and Mobile Processors

Intel released 11 desktop processors and five mobile CPUs over the weekend.