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Tech News Lenovo Introduces New Second Generation Intel Core Processors

Lenovo introduced notebooks which are all powered by high-performance processors and packed with multimedia features, making them perfect for young adults who love watching movies, listening to music and playing games on PCs.

Tech News Intel Brings Eye Candy to Masses with Newest Laptop, PC Chips

Intel introduced its game-changing 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family at a launch event in Singapore, highlighting several surprising new features, services and partnerships that combine to deliver an entirely new visual experience with processor graphics built in.

Tech News Intel to Pay NVIDIA Technology Licensing Fees of US$1.5 Billion

NVIDIA has signed a new six-year cross-licensing agreement with Intel. For the future use of NVIDIA's technology, Intel will pay NVIDIA an aggregate of US$1.5 billion in licensing fees payable in five annual installments, beginning January 18, 2011.

Tech News Intel's Light Peak Ready for Implementation, but in Copper

One of the more exciting upcoming new technologies that we have seen, Intel's Light Peak is apparently ready for implementation, but not like what we had envisioned.

Tech News Intel Says Light Peak is Ready but in Copper

Intel says that its long-awaited for Light Peak technology is now ready for implementation, but it'll now be using copper instead of fibre optics as originally intended.

Tech News Intel Releases New Line of Mini-SATA SSD

Intel has added a fresh line of solid-state drives to its growing portfolio of storage products - the Intel 310 series.

Tech News Apple May Drop NVIDIA for Intel's Sandy Bridge

Apple may have reasons to drop the use of NVIDIA chipsets in its notebooks, replacing them with the upcoming Sandy Bridge chipset from Intel.

Tech News Intel to Power Tablets and Smartphones in Late 2011

Intel is laying its plans to introduce its processor chips onto tablets and smartphone manufacturers by late 2011.

Tech News Tech Companies Target 2015 to End VGA Support

Leading PC companies are moving forward with plans to shift to digital display outputs like HDMI from analog ones like VGA by 2015.

Tech News NVIDIA SLI Technology and Intel Sandy Bridge Form the Ultimate Gaming PC

NVIDIA SLI technology has been licensed for use on Intel P67 Express Chipset-based motherboards designed for the upcoming Intel Sandy Bridge processors.