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Tech News Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors Set to Arrive At Year End?

There are rumors that Intel's Sandy Bridge-E CPUs will be shipped by November. These consumer processors' target audience are the enthusiast overclockers.

Tech News Intel Rolls Out 16 New Desktop and Mobile Processors

Intel released 11 desktop processors and five mobile CPUs over the weekend.

Tech News USB 3.0 Could Be Coming to Macs

Holding out for USB 3.0 ports before you shell out for a Mac? Well your wait might not be in vain, if reports surrounding Apple's interest in it proves positive.

Tech News Next-Gen Itanium: 32nm, 8-core Poulson

Intel announced the architecture details of the upcoming Itanium CPUs for launch in 2012.

Tech News Intel Atom Graphics Troubles are DirectX Related?

It is rumored that Intel is only expecting to ship 32-bit DirectX 9 drivers with the new Atom CPUs.

Tech News Sandy Bridge price cuts coming in September?

Intel reportedly plans to drop prices on select Sandy Bridge processors in September and again in October. Intel plans to launch 7 new processors soon.

Tech News Sandy Bridge-E CPUs Not Shipping with Stock Heatsink and Fan?

It is rumored that the upcoming Core i7 processor from Intel, the 3820, 3930K and the 3960X will all ship without a cooler in the box.

Tech News UltraBooks an Intel Response to Apple Ultimatum

Apple issued an ultimatum to Intel regarding its power hungry processors. Make them consume less power, or lose Apple as a customer. Intel listened, and now we have a new category of notebooks: UltraBooks.

Tech News Hitachi GST Announces the New Ultrastar SSD400M Enterprise MLC SSDs

Hitachi GST unveils a new enterprise-class solid-state drive based on Intel's 25nm MLC NAND Flash. The new Ultrastar SSD400M family of SSDs is a result of a joint development between Hitachi GST and Intel.

Tech News Intel's Sandy Bridge Grabs Market Share from Nvidia, AMD

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) announced for the 2nd Quarter of 2011, Intel's market share of graphic shipment increased about 20% quarter-to-quarter. AMD also gained market share and NVDIA lost share, vis-a-vis Intel's performance.