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Tech News NVIDIA SLI Technology and Intel Sandy Bridge Form the Ultimate Gaming PC

NVIDIA SLI technology has been licensed for use on Intel P67 Express Chipset-based motherboards designed for the upcoming Intel Sandy Bridge processors.

Tech News Intel Launches its Own News Site

Call it Intel's inhouse spin machine, operating under the guise of being a 'news outlet'. The chip giant has launched a beta news site called Free Press that takes on tech developments with a decidedly Intel slant.

Tech News Intel Q3 Revenue Hits Record US$11 Billion

Intel's 3rd quarter revenues have reached a new record high of US$11 billion despite prior warnings that they would fall below expectations.

Tech News Intel's 3rd Generation X25-M SSD Specs Revealed

Intel's upcoming 25nm X25-M SSD specs have been revealed, with higher capacities and better performance the main improvements.

Tech News Intel to Buy Infineon Wireless Unit for US$1.4 Billion

After nearly a month of rumors foreshadowing the deal, it's now official: Intel is buying Infineon's wireless unit for $1.4 billion in an all-cash transaction that will close in the first quarter of next year.

Tech News Intel Buys McAffee for US$7.7b

Intel spends US$7.7 billion on security software maker McAffee in a surprising move.

Tech News Sandy Bridge CPU Lineup Leaked

A German tech site has released a list of purported Sandy Bridge processor models.

Tech News Intel Settles with FTC Over Antitrust Allegations

Intel Corp has agreed to stop using threats and unfair discounts to block its rivals, resolving a costly, high-profile legal battle over accusations it illegally smothered competition for over a decade.

Tech News Intel Develops New Photonics Technology for High Speed Data Transfers

Data transmission could get into the gigabit/sec realm soon after Intel announced that it has developed a photonics based technology that can transfer data at such high speeds using light.

Tech News Intel Reports Best Ever Quarter with US$2.9 Billion Profit

Intel has just reported its best ever quarter in its 42-year history. Revenues hit 10.8 billion with 2.9 of that in profit.