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Tech News Linux Foundation Announces the Launch of Tizen, a Linux-based Mobile OS

It is a no-go for MeeGo project as Tizen, a new Linux-based open source mobile operating system, is announced by Linux Foundation as the former's replacement.

Tech News IBM and Friends Invests US$4.4 Billion in New York Chip Technology Hub

IBM, together with Intel, Globalfoundries Inc., Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and Samsung Electronics will jointly invest US$4.4 billion to create a hub that does next-generation computer chip technologies.

Tech News Intel Ships Cedar Trail Atom processors, the D2500 and D2700

Despite rumors of the delay in the launch of the 32nm Cedar Trail Atom processors, Intel has added the D2500 and D2700 to their official price list.

Tech News Overheard: Intel's Core i7-2700K Available Next Month for US$331

Come October, we may expect the debut of the Intel Core i7-2700K for a price of US$331; hence, prospective buyers would not have to wait to long to get their hands on it.

Tech News Sandy Bridge Update Boosts Games Performance By 37%

Intel's latest Sandy Bridge updates claim to boost the performance of its integrated graphics. The biggest gains are seen on their Ultra-Low-Voltage (ULV) processors at about 37%.

Tech News Intel: Ivy Bridge's Graphics Processor to Support 4K resolutions

What's beyond 1080p HD videos? It is video outputs with 4K resolutions supported by Intel's Ivy Bridge GPUs. With MFX, multiple 4K video streams are also possible.

Tech News Intel Readies Core i7-2700K for Launch?

A slip-up by Intel and BIOSTAR has revealed the chipmaker's next high-performance socket LGA1155 processor, the Core i7-2700K. It will be replacing the Core i7-2600K CPU.

Tech News Apple's Thunderbolt is Coming Your Way!

If you think Apple and Intel are strange bedfellows, let Apple's Thunderbolt strike it out now! This I/O technology will leave Apple's ecosystem to make its debut on non-Mac devices by early 2012.

Tech News Intel and McAfee Unveil DeepSAFE, A Hardware-Assisted Security Technology

Intel and McAfee reveal McAfee DeepSAFE, a new and holistic approach to protect computing devices against intrusions from security breaches and malware.

Tech News Intel and Google to Optimize Android Platform for Intel Architecture

Intel and Google announced they will work together to enable and optimize future versions of Android for Intel's family of low power Atom processors.