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Tech News Intel Lowers its Q4 Revenue Outlook Due to Shortage of HDDs

Intel has lowered its Q4 revenue expectations to be between US$13.4 and US$14 billion. The revised figures are down approximately 6 to 9% from the earlier expected revenue figures of between US$14.2 to US$15.2 billion.

Tech News Roadmap of Intel Ivy Bridge Mobile Processors Leaked

Following the recent revelation of the details of the Ivy Bridge desktop processors, another leak has ensued. The product details of the mobile versions of the Ivy Bridge CPU have emerged.

Tech News Intel SSD 520 Series Specifications Revealed

The specifications and product sheet of the Intel SSD 520 series have been revealed. This new series is marketed as a high-performance lineage and is the successor to the Intel SSD 510 series.

Tech News Intel Releasing Android-Powered Smartphones and Tablets in First Half of 2012

Intel will be releasing smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0 in the first half of 2012. The devices will be powered by Intel's upcoming Atom Medfield chips.

Tech News Ultrabooks to Stimulate Stalled Windows-Intel "Framework"

Acer's chairman, J.T Wang, feels that Ultrabooks could be the magic bullet that jolts the "Wintel" (Windows-Intel) slump on touch-centric devices. He also mentioned price as a major deciding factor that will make or break the Ultrabook.

Tech News Ivy Bridge Desktop CPU Lineup Revealed in Leaked Roadmap Slides

The detailed lineup of Ivy Bridge desktop CPUs have been revealed and we should expect to see eleven new processors with their impending launch in March 2012.

Tech News 1080p Ultrabooks from Acer and ASUS in early 2012?

The best part about the bigger, better and faster competition between manufacturers is that consumers may have full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) Ultrabooks to choose from as early as Q1 2012.

Tech News Intel Brings TRIM Support to RAID 0 with RST 11.5

Good news for owners with multiple SSDs, with TRIM support to RAID 0 with Intel's updated RST 11.5 drivers, enthusiasts can finally fulfill their wish of an SSD RAID 0 setup.

Tech News MasterCard and Intel Bring More Secure Payment to Ultrabooks

Intel and MasterCard has just announced that it would collaborate to vastly improve the consumer experience and security for online shopping.

Tech News Uncovered: Intel's Mainstream Desktop Chipset Roadmap till Q3 2012

Ever wondered what laid beyond Intel's current chipset offerings of Z68, P67 and H67? Read on as we reveal Intel's desktop chipset roadmap from now until Q3 of 2012.