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Tech News Intel Brings TRIM Support to RAID 0 with RST 11.5

Good news for owners with multiple SSDs, with TRIM support to RAID 0 with Intel's updated RST 11.5 drivers, enthusiasts can finally fulfill their wish of an SSD RAID 0 setup.

Tech News MasterCard and Intel Bring More Secure Payment to Ultrabooks

Intel and MasterCard has just announced that it would collaborate to vastly improve the consumer experience and security for online shopping.

Tech News Uncovered: Intel's Mainstream Desktop Chipset Roadmap till Q3 2012

Ever wondered what laid beyond Intel's current chipset offerings of Z68, P67 and H67? Read on as we reveal Intel's desktop chipset roadmap from now until Q3 of 2012.

Tech News New Details on Intel's Haswell Architecture Leaked

It's raining hardware leaks as details of Intel's Haswell architecture have surfaced online, and it's touted to drive the company's CPU offerings for 2013.

Tech News Intel Continues to Dominate Graphics Market with over 60% Market Share

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) announced for the 3rd quarter of 2011, Intel's market share of graphics shipments is 60.4%. AMD maintained its share while NVIDIA's slid.

Tech News Intel Launches Core i7-2700K Processor, Reduces Prices of Low-End Desktop CPUs

Intel has launched its new Core i7-2700K CPU at a price of US$332; it has a default frequency of 3.5GHz, a 100MHz bump in clock speed compared to its 2600K predecessor.

Tech News Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Expected to Ship in March 2012

Intel's Ivy Bridge processors are expected to ship in March 2012. They are manufactured with a 22nm process and will be the first commercial CPUs to use Tri-Gate transistors.

Tech News Ultrabooks Will Jumpstart "Retarded" PC Evolution

Intel's CEO Paul Otellini lets the world know just how committed they are towards PCs, and thinks that Ultrabooks will jumpstart the PC's evolution which he feels has been retarded for the past few years.

Tech News ASUS and Intel Collaborate with Jason Mraz in 'Search of the Incredible'

The notebook has a simple, modern and elegant design from award-winning designer David Lewis, and its audio capabilities were developed in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower.

Tech News Intel Gains Microprocessor Share on Strength of PC Sales and Sandy Bridge Success

Intel has increased its lead in the CPU revenue market share by 1.1% over the last year while AMD saw its share fall by the same amount to 10.4%.