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Tech News GPU Shipment Figures Released for Q1 2013; Intel Still Holds Lion's Share

Jon Peddie Research has reported the shipment figures for graphics chips for Q1 of this year. It also tallied the market share figures for major players like Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. While Intel has retained the lion's share, it has slid 5.3 per cent compared to its last quarter.

Tech News Intel Launches Low-Power, High-Performance Silvermont Microarchitecture

Silvermont will be the foundation for a range of innovative products beginning to come to market later this year, and will also be manufactured using the company's 22nm Tri-Gate SoC manufacturing process, which brings significant performance increases and improved energy efficiency.

Tech News Acer Iconia W3: A US$380, 8-inch Windows 8 Tablet?

The yet to be announced but already heavily leaked Acer Iconia W3 is an 8-inch, Intel Atom-based Windows 8 tablet that supposedly costs just US$380.

Tech News Intel Appoints COO Brian Krzanich as New CEO from May 16

Intel has named COO Brian Krzanich its next CEO; he'll take over the helm from current CEO Paul Otellini on May 16. Mr. Krzanich, who first joined Intel in 1982, was named COO early last year after having overseen Intel's manufacturing operations.

Tech News Intel Teases Haswell Graphics Performance Charts

Intel has just released graphics performance charts of its new Haswell processors, which will be launched in June. If the charts are anything to go by, Haswell could finally deliver performance equivalent to discrete graphics cards.

Tech News Fourth Generation Intel Core Processors Set to Arrive on June 4

The fourth generation Intel Core processors are set to launch on 04 June this year. It also coincides with Computex 2013 in Taiwan that is one of the largest IT trade shows of the country.

Tech News Outgoing Intel CEO Foresees Prices of Touch-Enabled Win 8 Devices Dropping to US$400

Outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini believes that the next generation of Haswell processors will bring along a new wave of Windows 8 touch-enabled devices with more attractive price points down into the US$300 or US$400 range. This may happen as OEMs start exploring new form factors for these devices.

Tech News Intel Reiterates its Mobile Processor Offerings at Annual Developers Forum

At Intel's annual developer forum this week, the company highlighted new processors from its Atom series that have made inroads into data center servers and mobile devices. One of the keynote addresses touched on the new standard features of Haswell-based Ultrabooks, complete with gaming demonstrations.

Tech News New Thunderbolt Doubles Speeds

The next generation of the Thunderbolt interface, codenamed "Falcon Ridge", is due in 2014 and will apparently double the speeds offered by the current iterations. They will also have enough bandwidth to support 4K images while still being backward compatible.

Tech News Intel Ships Next Generation 'Haswell' CPUs to PC Manufacturers

According to CNET, Intel has started shipping its fourth generation 'Haswell' Intel Core CPUs to PC manufacturers. CNET also said that the new CPU will be launched later in this quarter.