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Tech News Intel Reveals More Details of 2nd Gen 64-bit Atom C2000 Systems on Chip (SoCs)

Intel has revealed additional details for its second generation of Atom C2000 systems on a chip (SoCs). Previously known as Avoton and Rangeley, these 22nm SoCs are part of Intel's broader strategy to build data centers. In turn, these centers will form cloud computing infrastructures of the future.

Tech News Intel Acquires Israeli Gesture Recognition Firm, Omek Interactive for US$40 Million

According to Geektime, Intel has acquired Israeli gesture recognition and tracking firm, Omek Interactive for US$40 million. This move affirms Intel's strategy of betting big on perceptual computing.

Tech News Leaked Roadmap Reveals Intel's 14nm Skylake Platform and Knights Landing Chip

A leaked Intel Xeon roadmap slide reveals Intel's plans to release its 14nm Skylake platform, with support for PCIe Gen 4.0 and SATA Express. The brief performance specifications of the next generation Knights Landing chip were also unveiled.

Tech News Intel's Streaming Set-Top Box in Beta Testing Phase

Intel is beta testing set-top boxes from its Internet TV services, with more than 2,000 company employees located in three different states in the US. The trials are alleged to have started as early as March this year, and the testing contingent is set to grow as more employees are included.

Tech News Samsung Updates Its Series 9 Ultrabooks with the ATIV 9

The new Samsung ATIV 9 ultrabooks have been updated today with the latest low power processors to give users even longer computing on-the-go. What's more, the flagship ATIV 9 Plus will blow you away with its ultra high screen resolution.

Tech News Samsung Launches World's Slimmest Windows 8 Tablet - the ATIV Tab 3

Samsung led the industry today with the launch of the world's slimmest Windows 8 tablet measuring only 8.2mm thin. More details inside!

Tech News In the Pipeline: Intel Smart Watch

Intel's chief technical officer Justin Rattner has recently confirmed that a smart watch is in the pipeline. He admitted at Bloomberg's Next Big Thing conference where he mentioned the work-in-progress device was part of Intel's broad plan to explore alternative display devices.

Tech News Intel Releases DC S3500 SSDs Built for the Cloud & Enterprise Applications

Intel is launching a new series of SSDs for data centers and cloud computing to enhance hosting of cloud applications. Named the DC S3500 Series, it is designed for read-intensive applications including web hosting, cloud computing, and data center virtualization.

Tech News Intel Reveals Prototype 128GB Thunderbolt Thumb Drive

At the recently concluded Computex 2013, Intel showed off its prototype 128GB Thunderbolt thumb drive. The company claimed it is the world's fastest thumb drive.

Tech News Gigabyte's Shows Brix Mini-PC at Computex 2013

Gigabyte showed off its Brix Mini-PC at Computex 2013. Based on the Intel NUC concept, the Brix is slightly smaller and has a more powerful Core i7-3537U processor.