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Tech News Microsoft's MobileFusion turns your phone into a 3D scanner

3D scanning has always required specialized equipment. Microsoft wants to remove that barrier entirely and make it accessible for everybody with their MobileFusion app, which allows 3D scanning with any smartphone camera.

Tech News Got an idea to make life in Singapore better? Join Intel's Invent 50 contest!

In conjunction with Singapore’s jubilee celebrations, Intel is also celebrating the 50th anniversary of Moore’s law with Invent 50, a contest that challenges students to come up with innovative solutions using Intel devices to problems plaguing our world today.

Tech News Razer and Intel unveil new Razer-branded RealSense 3D camera (updated)

At the Intel Developers Forum 2015 in San Francisco, Intel and Razer have announced that the two companies are collaborating on a new Razer-branded RealSense 3D camera.

Tech News Intel Optane technology to accelerate next generation SSD and memory products

Based on the recently launched 3D XPoint memory, Intel announced Optane technology to drive next generation storage and memory products. At IDF 2015, we even witnessed its performance potential over the current fastest PCIe NVMe NAND based drive from the company, so step right in and find out more about Optane!

Tech News G.Skill demos high-speed Trident Z DDR4 4266MHz and 4133MHz kits at IDF 2015

G.Skill has showcased live demos of two ultra-high speed DDR4 memory kits at IDF 2015, running at speeds of 4266MHz and 4133MHz on air-cooling alone.

Tech News Kingston HyperX releases Fury DDR4 memory kits for Intel Skylake processors

HyperX has announced additional 8GB and 16GB Fury DDR4 memory kits for the new Intel Z170 platform.

Tech News MSI outs new Intel Z170 motherboards for Skylake

MSI has debuted a comprehensive range of gaming-oriented motherboards in its top-tier Enthusiast Gaming series, mid-range Performance Gaming series, and value-oriented Arsenal Gaming series.

Tech News Gigabyte unveils 12 new Intel Z170 motherboards for a variety of budgets

Gigabyte has revealed several new Intel Z170 motherboards in its Ultra Durable and G1 Gaming series, with a board for almost every budget.

Tech News First Intel Skylake processors unveiled at Gamescom 2015

Intel has unveiled its first two Skylake desktop processors at Gamescon 2015. The Intel Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K are unlocked chips that will support overclocking, with a TDP of 91 watts.

Tech News A sneak peek at the MSI Z170A XPower Gaming Titanium Edition

The MSI Z170A XPower Gaming Titanium Edition board sports a unique silver color scheme and is targeted at overclockers. Here's a quick look at some of the key features.