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Tech News HP announces new desktops featuring AMD Radeon R9 380 GPU (Updated)

HP has announced new desktop PCs in its Pavilion and Envy product families and a 4K display. The new PCs will be outfitted with new hardware, including AMD's yet-to-be-announced Radeon R9 380 graphics card and Intel's fifth-generation Broadwell processors.

Tech News HP's Omen has a beefier bigger brother, the HP Omen Pro

HP has just revealed that there's a new Omen in town, the Omen Pro. What sets the Pro version apart from the regular Omen though?

Tech News HP makes Bang & Olufsen its new audio partner

With Apple buying Beats Electronics, it was only a matter of time until HP found a new audio partner. Today, HP announced it is teaming up with Bang & Olufsen, the 90-year old Danish company known for its high-end audio products.

Tech News HP jumps on the 5K and ultra widescreen monitor bandwagon

Samsung, LG and Dell have announced their ultra widescreen, 21:9 cinemascope monitors in the last few days at CES, along with more 4K screens. Not surprisingly, the world's no.1 PC company is making sure they have equivalent models to quench the new trend.

Tech News Microsoft makes Office 365 ProPlus Benefit available for students and educators in Asia Pacific

Microsoft has announced that from now on, eligible education institutions across Asia Pacific can provide an Office 365 ProPlus subscription at no extra costs for all students, faculty, and staff.

Tech News Bad moon rising: Will HP's Omen spell doom for its competitors?

With the market getting saturated with top of the line gaming notebooks, will another one make a difference? We get the lowdown on HP's new gaming notebook for you.

Tech News Hewlett-Packard’s Sprout brings us one step closer to a reality of gesture-based computing

Sprout is a new desktop computer being developed by HP that looks like a regular all-in-one PC, but replaces the traditional keyboard and mouse with a touch-enabled mat and downward-facing 3D scanner.

Tech News HP will split into two companies; one to focus on enterprise solutions, the other will be end-consumer centric

HP will split into two public companies; Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.. HP Enterprise will focus on business solutions, while PCs and printers will fall under the purview of HP Inc.. It will also retain the current HP logo.

Tech News HP announces new Envy Beats AIO and Pavilion x2 detachable PC

HP has just announced its brand new Envy Beats all-in-one desktop system, with quad speakers and woofers, as well as a new Pavilion x2 detachable PC.

Tech News HP throws Wi-Fi Direct and NFC into the mix for its newest Envy printers

HP has just announced three new Envy printers for the home user, the Envy 7640, 5640 and 5530. The flagship model comes with the new Wi-Fi Direct feature and NFC, while all printers feature HP print apps. Curious to find out more? Hit the link then.