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Tech News HP to take a shot at smart watches with one designed by Michael Bastian

HP is rumored to be launching a new smart watch this fall, designed in collaboration with designer Michael Bastian and online retailer Glit.

Tech News HP Datapass Coming to Singapore

HP Datapass, HP's embedded mobile broadband service is coming to Singapore. The service gives customers with compatible devices access to 250MB/month of free 4G data on their device for two years, without the need for a dongle, SIM card or contract.

Tech News HP Helps Businesses Transition to its 'New Style of IT'

HP has announced the expansion of its HP Advisory Services consulting suite today, which is designed to help businesses and governments in Asia Pacific and Japan transition towards what HP is calling the "New Style of IT."

Tech News HP Unveils the Machine, Boasting of Radical New Computing Architecture

HP Chief Technology Officer Martin Fink has recently announced the Machine, which he claims will radically change the state of current computing architecture. If it ever see the day of light, the Machine will boast of memristors for storage, and photonics-driven interconnect technology.

Tech News HP Launches Apollo Series of High Performance Computing Servers

HP has just announced the Apollo series of high performance computer solutions. The series is made of the Apollo 8000 and 6000 systems. The Apollo 8000 system claims to be the world’s first water-cooled supercomputer, with dry-disconnect servers that reduce the risk of water leakages.

Tech News HP Announces Latest Range of Pavilion & Envy Notebook PCs

HP has introduced the HP Pavilion Notebook PC 14 and 15, along with the HP Envy 15 Notebook PC. These consumer devices will hit local shelves by end of this month.

Tech News HP Unveils New Enterprise Notebooks and Printers

Today, HP announced new business products to help employees stay connected in more places, as well as the company's first first inkjet devices.

Tech News HP Announces Z Turbo Drives for Its Z Family Workstations

With a price comparable to SATA SSDs, the new PCIe-based SSDs will clock in a read time of 1Gbps, and reduce boot up, calculation, and graphic response times, even with 4K videos.

Tech News HP Brings Back Windows 7 "By Popular Demand"

HP has a new solution for customers frustrated with Microsoft's Windows 8 OS: bring back Windows 7 and even offer a discount incentive for customers that opt for the older OS!

Tech News HP Returns to the Mobile Market with Two Voice Tablets, Feb Launch in India

HP is making its way back into the mobile market with its two latest releases, the Slate 6 VoiceTab and Slate 7 VoiceTab. The two mobile devices will be launched in India next month.