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Tech News Now you can create and manage custom Google Maps from Drive

Google has added a new feature to Google Drive, which now allows you to create, share and manage custom maps with useful data overlays.

Tech News This is how Google checks for lags on Android and Chrome OS devices

Google is devoting a lot of efforts and time to address lags on its Android and Chrome OS devices. It is using a robot built by Finnish company OptoFidelity to "measure end-to-end latency". Read on to find out more.

Tech News Samsung to launch more Tizen-based smartphones this year?

Google and Samsung have always had a somewhat tenuous relationship and the latest rumor from a Reuters source may signal Samsung's desire for more independence and less reliance on Google's platform.

Tech News Google announces free tier for Google Play Music with ad-supported radio

Google has launched a free, ad-supported radio streaming service for Google Play Music, just ahead of Apple Music's launch on 30 June.

Tech News Have you ever wanted to cancel a sent email? Gmail's Undo Send is the answer

Everybody's had that one email they wished they'd never sent. Sadly, emails sent can't be cancelled. Until now that is.

Tech News Google has a new fitness wristband designed for medical studies

According to reports, Google has just unveiled a new wristband designed specifically for medical studies and could be used in clinical trials and drug tests.

Tech News Google releases 17 new watch faces for Android Wear

Google today released 17 new watch faces for Android Wear. They are created from themes all over the world including Angry Birds, Hello Kitty and Bang & Olufsen.

Tech News Google launches 'My Ramadan Companion' to help Muslims during the month of fasting

With over a billion Muslims fasting from food and drink during the day for the holy month of Ramadan, Google has decided to offer some help in the form of a website, My Ramadan Companion.

Tech News Google remains "pretty committed" to Android One despite slow start in India

A Google senior executive revealed to Economic Times that the company remains "pretty committed" to the Android One program despite a lackluster start in India.

Tech News The new Google Chrome desktop browser will allow you to stop Flash content

In its next release, the Google Chrome desktop browser will allow you to stop non-essential Flash content on web pages. Read on to uncover details about this nifty feature.