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Tech News Google's Translate app can now translate printed text in real-time in 27 languages

Google has just announced that its handy Translate app now translates text instantly in 27 languages. Watch it in action here.

Tech News Now you can have a Google account without Google+

Google has announced a slate of new changes for Google+ in the coming months, including the ability to have separate Google and Google+ accounts. This essentially means that if you don't want to be on Google+, you don't have to be.

Tech News Own an Android device? You're probably vulnerable to the Stagefright hack

It seems like we get news about something being hacked or having a critical exploit every day. It was Steam yesterday. Today it's Android's turn, with the Stagefright vulnerability. The bad news? Nearly every Android device is vulnerable to it.

Tech News Google announces the shut down of Google+ Photos

Google is taking down the Google+ Photos service, replacing it with Google Photos and Picasa Web albums.

Tech News There's a new Google Glass coming

Months ago, Google Glass was taken back to the drawing board. Now reports are emerging that the device might be returning soon.

Tech News Google slows hiring, looks to greater corporate efficient amidst diminishing revenues

In the face of ebbing revenue growth and declining profit margins, Google is slowing down on hires and looking for ways to run the company more efficiently.

Tech News BlackBerry and Google working on an Android enterprise mobility partnership

BlackBerry announced that it would be working with Google to bring a more secure, enterprise version of Android Lollipop. Read on to find out more.

Tech News Google to combat spam on Gmail with an artificial neural network

Google plans to improve its spam filter feature on Gmail by introducing an artificial neural network that can detect and block especially sneaky spam. Read on to find out more!

Tech News US$15 Chromecast Ethernet Adapter beefs up your media streaming experience

Google has released an Ethernet Adapter for the Chromecast that allows users to stream media over a more reliable wired connection.

Tech News Now you can create and manage custom Google Maps from Drive

Google has added a new feature to Google Drive, which now allows you to create, share and manage custom maps with useful data overlays.