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Tech News MH370, World Cup and iPhone 6 top Singapore's Google searches for 2014

Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, the World Cup and Apple's iPhone 6 topped Singapore's most searched for terms this year. Find out what else made the list inside.

Tech News Google takes over Moffett Airfield from NASA

Google's Planetary Ventures wing has signed a lease with NASA, where it will lease the Moffett Federal Airfield for the next 60 years. While Google won't own the airfield, at least it will have access three hangars, two runways and a private golf course.

Tech News Singapore is first in the world for smartphone adoption

In a Google released research called 'the Consumer Barometer', Asia leads the world in smartphone usage with Singapore leading the pack with the highest smartphone penetration in the world.

Tech News Google is holding a Project Ara Developer Conference in Singapore

Google has announced that it will be hosting its second Project Ara Developer Conference for the modular smartphone platform in January next year. Two events will be held, the first will be on 14th January 2015 at Google's global HQ at Mountain View in California, with the agenda repeated on 21st January in Singapore.

Tech News Google's Inbox app is the evolution of email

Remember in 2004 when Google revolutionized email with Gmail? Ten years later, it's trying to do it again with a new app called Inbox.

Tech News New Google Nexus Player announced

The market for set-top boxes is heating up! Google throws its hat in the ring with the new Google Nexus Player

Tech News California grants licenses to Google, Audi and Mercedes to allow self-driving cars on all roads

The State of California has granted licenses to Google, Audi and Mercedes to allow their self-driving cars to drive on all public roads in the state to facilitate the advancement of autonomous cars.

Tech News Google launches low-cost Android One smartphones in India

Google VP and Android chief, Sundar Pichai, unveiled the first batch of Android One smartphones in India today. The low-cost smartphones are part of Google's plans to target emerging markets with affordable Google-designed hardware and software.

Tech News Google rewards users with free Demi Lovato album following Apple's U2 album giveaway

The best things in life are free, and we ain't complaining one bit. Find out how you can download this exclusive Google Play offer inside.

Tech News Explore the world of 'Destiny' with Google Street View

Bungie's new franchise, Destiny, doesn't come out till next week, but thanks to Google, you can tour the game world now with Google Street View.