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Tech News Your food photos aren't just for Instagram and Twitter anymore

If you just can't resist taking photos of your food and sharing them with the world, Google has heard you, and is here to help with a new Google Maps feature that will let you easily attach food photos to a restaurant's Maps location "in just two taps".

Tech News Google has created an easy-to-use Wi-Fi router called OnHub

Google has created an easy-to-use Wi-Fi router called OnHub, and it's designed to help you with your Wi-Fi woes.

Tech News New photos of Google Nexus 5 2015 phone leaked

A photo of the unreleased Google Nexus 5 2015 phone has been leaked. Is this the new flagship phone from Google?

Tech News Google Hangouts now has its own page

We at HardwareZone use Hangouts for our own internal chats, and it's been a hassle to keep heading back into Gmail in order to get at that little chat window. No more.

Tech News Renders of LG and Huawei Nexus phones leaked

UK site uSwitch partnered with tipster @OnLeaks to reveal renders of the upcoming LG and Huawei Nexus phones. The renders are reportedly based on "detailed factory schematics provided to accessory makers".

Tech News Stagefright continues to spread fear on Android devices

When news broke of the Stagefright exploit for Android late last month, it got everybody riled up. A few days after the news broke, Google issued patches meant to fix the issues. Case closed, right? No more Stagefright? Not really.

Tech News Google is now part of a large holding company called Alphabet

G is for Google. In a huge sweeping restructuring move, Google is now part of a large holding company called Alphabet.

Tech News Google gets serious about Android security, promises monthly updates for Nexus devices

Google is getting serious about security for its Nexus devices and promises to deliver monthly over-the-air (OTA) updates. Read on to find out more if you are using a Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and Player.

Tech News Google's Translate app can now translate printed text in real-time in 27 languages

Google has just announced that its handy Translate app now translates text instantly in 27 languages. Watch it in action here.

Tech News Now you can have a Google account without Google+

Google has announced a slate of new changes for Google+ in the coming months, including the ability to have separate Google and Google+ accounts. This essentially means that if you don't want to be on Google+, you don't have to be.