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Tech News OCZ releases new NVMe compliant Z-Drive 6000 PCIe SSD for enterprise

OCZ has just announced its new NVMe compliant Z-Drive 6000 PCIe SSD. Available in various capacity points, endurance ratings and for different workloads, these drives are targeted squarely at enterprise applications.

Tech News SanDisk announces new InfiniFlash all-flash array for enterprise users

SanDisk has just announced a new all-flash storage platform called InfiniFlash that is targeted at enterprise use and big data applications, and costs as little as US$1 per gigabyte.

Tech News Samsung's new PCIe SSD drives spotted at CES 2015

As the SATA interface connectivity is fast becoming a bottleneck, more than ever now, enthusiasts and enterprise customers are looking for ever faster options and Samsung has showcased them at CES 2015. Look out for them in the coming months!

Tech News Toshiba launches new 6TB enterprise hard disk drives

After rivals Seagate and Western Digital, Toshiba has finally announced its own 6TB hard disk drives which are targeted at enterprise users.

Tech News Seagate launches new 7200rpm Enterprise NAS HDD

Seagate has just launched its new Enterprise NAS HDD, a high capacity drive targeting businesses seeking to optimize their computing for performance and reliability using NAS systems

Tech News Samsung releases new 3.2TB SM1715 PCIe SSD

Samsung is putting its new 3D V-NAND to good use and has just announced a new 3.2TB PCIe-based SSD that will offer random read speeds up to a staggering 750k IOPS.

Tech News Seagate ships world's first 8TB hard disk drive

Seagate has announced that it has just shipped the world's first 8TB drives to selected enterprise customers.

Tech News Seagate begins shipping 8TB drives, 10TB drives not far away

Seagate has just began shipping 8TB drives out to to major customers and cloud providers for testing, and also said that consumers could see 10TB drives within the next 12 months.

Tech News Apple and IBM announce partnership to bring enterprise apps and services to iOS

Apple and IBM have both announced a global partnership that will bring enterprise apps and services to iOS devices.

Tech News HP Helps Businesses Transition to its 'New Style of IT'

HP has announced the expansion of its HP Advisory Services consulting suite today, which is designed to help businesses and governments in Asia Pacific and Japan transition towards what HP is calling the "New Style of IT."