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Tech News First Intel Skylake processors unveiled at Gamescom 2015

Intel has unveiled its first two Skylake desktop processors at Gamescon 2015. The Intel Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K are unlocked chips that will support overclocking, with a TDP of 91 watts.

Tech News NVIDIA partners up with Snake, offers The Phantom Pain for free

NVIDIA's known for its promotions, bundling free games with purchases of its hardware. The latest game being bundled? Metal Gear Solid V.

Tech News Acer announces availability of Chromebase DC221HQ AIO desktops

Acer has announced that its Chromebase DC221HQ AIO desktop is now available for purchase by customers in the US. A version with a 10-point touchscreen panel will be available later in July.

Tech News AMD unveils Radeon 300-series graphics cards for OEM desktops

AMD has announced its new range of OEM desktop graphics card, the Radeon 300 series. The new cards are essentially rebadges of older cards and include both performance and ultra-budget parts.

Tech News D-Link announces new DWA-582 AC-1200 PCIe wireless adapter for desktops

D-Link has just announced its new dual-band DWA-582 AC-1200 PCIe wireless adapter for desktops, which supports speeds of up to 867Mbps on its 5GHz band.

Tech News Alienware Alpha makes its debut in US Stores

With the looming releases of version 1.0 of SteamOS and full fledged Steam Machines next year, ready made PCs that are meant solely for playing games may become the norm one day. But in the meantime, we get pseudo-consoles like the Alienware Alpha.

Tech News Hewlett-Packard’s Sprout brings us one step closer to a reality of gesture-based computing

Sprout is a new desktop computer being developed by HP that looks like a regular all-in-one PC, but replaces the traditional keyboard and mouse with a touch-enabled mat and downward-facing 3D scanner.

Tech News MSI ProBox23 Barebone Mini-ITX PC Announced

MSI has announced ProBox23, a barebone PC system that features the MSI H81TI mini-ITX motherboard. With its ability to support 4th generation Intel Core processors, as well as Haswell chips in the LGA 1150 package, the Pro23 is ideal for commercial applications.

Tech News MSI Presents Hetis H81 Commercial Desktop PC

Utilizing the Intel H81 chipset while supporting Intel Haswell processors and the Windows 8.1 OS, the Hetis H81 comes with two COM ports to support use in business environments with POS systems, such as hotel registration desks, 24-hour convenience stores, mass merchandisers, and filling stations.

Tech News Lenovo Announces Three More Devices to Connect and Share Content at CES 2014

Lenovo has announced these devices to allow users to enjoy, connect, and intertact with their media and content - the Beacon personal cloud storage device, the N308 Android home computer, and the A740 AIO PC.