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Tech News Intel to ship the Edison development board – finally!

Intel announced today that it will finally ship the Intel Edison development board along with two kits and a whole host of third party Arduino blocks.

Tech News Quark Takes a Backseat as First Intel Edison Products will be Powered by Atom SoCs

Intel has announced the extension of Intel Edison to a family of development boards. The key development is the use of a 22nm Intel Silvermont dual-core Atom SoC to replace the Quark SoC. Initially, Intel said the Edison development board was supposed to be based on the latter.

Tech News Intel Reiterates its Mobile Processor Offerings at Annual Developers Forum

At Intel's annual developer forum this week, the company highlighted new processors from its Atom series that have made inroads into data center servers and mobile devices. One of the keynote addresses touched on the new standard features of Haswell-based Ultrabooks, complete with gaming demonstrations.

Tech News Intel Announces Atom 'Clover Trail+' SoC Platform for Smartphones and Tablets

Intel has just announced its Atom 'Clover Trail+' SoC platform for smartphones and tablets. This mainly marks a step up in terms of graphical performance from the existing Intel Atom Z2760 SoC. Read on to uncover more about the new Clover Trail+ chips!

Tech News Intel Unveils Details of 22nm Tri-Gate SoC Designs

Intel revealed design plans of its new 22nm system-on-a-chip (SoC) that will feature 3D Tri-gate transistors, in line with their Ivy Bridge counterparts. The company outlined this new microarchitecture for its SoC in a paper presented at the 2012 International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM).

Tech News Slides with Details of Next Gen Intel Atom SoC Processors Leaked

Slides that contain the details of Intel's next generation Atom SoC processors have been leaked. The new 22nm Atom processors are called Valleyview-T and features four cores with no support for hyperthreading.