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Review Vertix PR1 Portable 3G Wireless Router - The Road Warrior's Internet Router

Like any other compact wireless router in the market, the Vertix PR1 is built to share your internet connection with all your devices concurrently while traveling. How will this one stack up? We check it out.

Feature Article CES 2011: Show Floor Coverage (Part 4)

In this next part of our CES 2011 coverage, we take a look at AMD, Canon, Sony, B&W, Brother, FujiFilm, Polaroid, VERTIX, X-mini, Audi, Hyundai and a tiny robotic ball called Sphero.

Review First Looks: Vertix Silencer VX2

The relatively new Vertix brand has been adding new products to its lineup, including the upcoming Vertix Silencer VX2 which has just landed in our labs. Here are our impressions of this simple Bluetooth headset.