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Feature Article First looks at the Nikon D5500 and AF-S NIKKOR 300mm F/4E PF ED VR

Nikon came around to our office with some of the products showcased at CES 2015, so we're pleased to bring you a quick first looks at their first headliners for the new year - the D5500 and the incredibly light AF-S NIKKOR 300mm F/4E PF ED VR. Read on for our initial findings!

Review GeForce GTX 960 performance review: NVIDIA targets the "sweet spot" graphics market

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 is the latest Maxwell-based graphics card. Unlike its more powerful brethren, the GTX 980 and GTX 970, the GTX 960 is meant for the masses by targeting the "sweet spot" graphics market segment. Find out if the newest Maxwell family member heralds an exciting start to the new year!

Review Samsung Galaxy Alpha: A beautiful metal experiment with the wrong price

The Galaxy Alpha smartphone is Samsung's experiment on using metal for its body construct and is positioned to compete against the iPhone 6. Does Samsung's experimentation with the 4.7-inch Alpha pay off? We investigate.

Feature Article Xiaomi Mi Note vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus: A closer look

Xiaomi's newly released Mi Note phablet has drawn a lot of comparisons to Apple's iPhone 6 Plus (not least from Xiaomi itself). But are those comparisons warranted? We take a closer look to see how it holds up to scrutiny when placed side by side with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Feature Article These are the tech trends to expect in 2015

What are some of the trends that would define the mobile, TV, computing, automobile, wearable, audio, and gaming spaces this year? After trimming the frivolous, here's a list of what we feel are the most important ones based on what we saw at CES 2015.

Review Samsung SSD 850 Evo: Big shoes to fill

Samsung's popular SSD 840 Evo now has a new successor in the form of the SSD 850 Evo. This new drive uses Samsung's newest 32-layer 3D TLC V-NAND and also the brand new MGX controller. Is it still the mainstream drive to beat? We find out.

Feature Article First looks: Bose’s expanded SoundTouch Wi-Fi System

Bose had their new series of SoundTouch speakers on display in a Beach Villa at the Equarius Hotel, and we were on hand to have a quick first look at the new units.

Feature Article Hands-on: Xiaomi Mi Note

Like the budget Redmi series, Xiaomi's flagship Mi series finally has its own large-screen smartphone, the Mi Note. Here are our first impressions of this 5.7-inch phablet.

Review HTC Desire Eye smartphone: An eye-opener for the selfie crowd

The HTC Desire Eye is the first of its kind in the industry with two 13-megapixel cameras, one on the front and one on the back. Clearly aimed at the selfie crowd, can the Desire Eye stand out among the competition?

Review Aftershock Titan V2.1 review: With great power, comes great size

Aftershock's back with their latest refresh of the their Titan notebook. We find out if the new Titan with dual GeForce GTX 980M GPUs and its menacing performance is enough to stand up to other gaming notebooks recently released.