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Feature Article Camera Phone Shootout: HTC One (M8) vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Sony Xperia Z2

With three smartphone brands putting out their flagship 5-inch models at about the same time, we took this opportunity to test their cameras' imaging capability in a head-to-head comparison to find out which is the better shooter. Is it going to be HTC, Samsung or Sony? Read on to find out the victor!

Feature Article Samsung Forum 2014 - Curves in the Home, PRO Tablets and Two New Cameras

Held in Bali, the Samsung Forum 2014 revealed Samsung's latest products that include the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO tablet. Hit the link to find out more about the new releases heading your way really soon.

Review Samsung Galaxy S4 Active - Rugged Galaxy

Slightly thicker than the regular Samsung Galaxy S4, the S4 Active is protected against dust and water, and earns itself an IP67 rating. Is it a more capable phone than the equally rugged Sony Xperia Z, and should you opt for it over the regular S4? These and more in our review.

Feature Article Highlights from Samsung Forum 2013: New Galaxies, Smarter TVs, and the Enterprise

At the Samsung South East Asia, Oceania and Taiwan Forum 2013 in Jakarta, Samsung unveiled its latest range of products, including the Galaxy Note 8.0, five new Galaxy smartphones, smarter Smart TVs and a new mirrorless camera flagship. Click through and discover what Samsung has to offer this year.

Review Samsung Galaxy S III LTE - Power to the Speed

The popular flagship Samsung Galaxy S III finally gets the LTE treatment. The version gets a 2GB RAM, Android 4.1 and of course, LTE connectivity. How does it square off against its closely-equipped sibling? Let's find out.