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Feature Article Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs. Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 - which tablet should you buy?

Within a span of four months, Samsung unveiled two very similar Android tablets - the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 into the local market. If you are shopping for an 8-inch Samsung tablet, which one is a better buy? Let's find out in this shootout.

Review Samsung Galaxy K Zoom takes smartphone imaging performance up a notch

Samsung's Galaxy K Zoom follows up on the premise of the Galaxy S4 Zoom to offer a camera-specialized smartphone that's better than the average smartphone shooter. The new K Zoom offers far better specs and in a much sleeker body while still maintaining the 10x optical zoom feature of its predecessor. Find out how the new pocket shooter fares in our use.

Review Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (LTE) is a super Android tablet

Samsung has pulled out all the stops to try and topple Apple and its iPads with its latest crop of tablets, the Galaxy Tab S (10.5) and the Tab S (8.4). In this review, we check out the bigger model and find out if it accomplishes its mission.

Feature Article Shootout: Apple iPad Mini vs. LG G Tablet 8.3 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

The 8-inch tablet space is growing in popularity due to their ample screen real estate and portability. We pit three of the best 8-inch tablets in the market - the Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display, the LG G Tablet 8.3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 - and see which one is an all-round performer.

Review Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB - A Game Changer in the Making

The Samsung SSD 850 PRO is a milestone because it is the first consumer SSD to use 3D Vertical NAND, a special type of NAND memory invented by Samsung to overcome the shortcomings of traditional NAND architecture. Why is it important and how does this new drive perform? Read on to find out.

Feature Article Shootout: Apple iPad Air vs. Microsoft Surface 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

The Apple iPad has long been regarded as the ultimate tablet for all needs. However, Microsoft and Samsung are ready to give the iPad Air a run for its money with their latest tablets that are geared for work and play - the Surface 2 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. Let's see how each tablet fares against one another and who's the overall winner!

Feature Article Samsung Gear 2 & Gear 2 Neo - Second Generation Gears

With a more polished design, lower price point, more native apps, better dust and water protection and a new heart rate monitor with a built-in exercise app, Samsung's Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches look much improved from last year's Galaxy Gear. But is it enough to make you want one? We find out.

Feature Article Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The next big thing is here for tablets. Samsung's new flagship Galaxy Tab S tablets come in 8.4- and 10.5-inch display sizes, both with gorgeous 2560 x 1600 Super AMOLED displays, and thinner and lighter bodies than Apple's iPad Air and Mini. Is this the iPad killer?

Review Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 LTE - A Non-stylus Note Striving to be Pro

Recently, there has been a trend in pushing devices tailored for the enterprise market space. Samsung's new Galaxy Tab Pro series of tablets panders towards this market space as a step below the Note series, but does it deliver? We take the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 LTE edition for a thorough review to find out.

Feature Article Hands-on with the Samsung NX Mini Mirrorless Camera

While not Samsung's first mirrorless system camera, the NX Mini is definitely the smallest. So what does it have to offer? We sum up our initial hands-on experience.