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Feature Article Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & S6 Edge+ review - The best phablets money can buy

If you just look at the specs, you'll be scratching your head wondering why Samsung made two such similar phones. But specs don't tell the whole story. Pick up the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ and you'll know why they've to exist separately. We tell you this other half of the story.

Feature Article Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

After many leaks, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 5 at a press event today at New York City. Is this Note worth the wait? We go up close and personal.

Feature Article Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Do you like the Galaxy S6 Edge, but wish that Samsung has made it bigger? Your calls are now answered as the Korean company has just unveiled the Galaxy S6 Edge+, a 5.7-inch smartphone with a screen that curves around the two sides. We go hands-on.

Feature Article Is the Xiaomi Mi Note still worth buying?

With the long awaited Singapore release of the Xiaomi Mi Note, we take a look at some other similarly priced phones to see if it's still worth buying.

Feature Article If you paid S$15,000 rent and filled your home with flagship Samsung appliances, you'd live here

What would you do if you suddenly became fabulously wealthy? Maybe rent a luxury penthouse apartment in a ridiculously expensive serviced condominium just behind Orchard Road, and kit it out with top-of-the-line Samsung appliances? That's what I did.

Feature Article Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen series - Affordable tablets with S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (8.0) and (9.7-inch) succeed the Galaxy Tab 4 series with thinner and lighter designs. They also come with an S Pen, a stylus once reserved for the flagship Galaxy Note series. Can Samsung redefine the entry-level tablet space with the Tab A using an S Pen? We find out in this review.

Feature Article Shootout: From 0 to 100, the fastest charging phones available

With smartphone resolutions getting higher and higher, battery life has struggled to keep up. As a result, reducing re-charge times has become the next best thing. But which fast charging technology is the best? And what phone can you find it on? We find out.

Feature Article HWZ members exclusive: Meeting the new Samsung flagship SUHD curved smart TVs

4K displays? Curved TVs? SUHD? The TV landscape is rapidly evolving to keep up with consumers' demands for higher resolutions, better image quality and a more immersive viewing experience. 30 HWZ members joined us for an exclusive event last Saturday to meet Samsung's new flagship SUHD TVs up close and learn more about the latest TV technology and buying tips!

Feature Article Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories Roundup: Gear for the new Galaxy

Are you looking for accessories to go with the beauties that are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge? We bring you a short list of accessories that will complement the capabilities of your Galaxy S6 and help you maximize its functions.

Review Samsung Portable SSD T1: A rocket in your pocket

Samsung SSDs are amongst the quickest around. And if you crave for such performance when on the go, Samsung has got the Portable SSD T1 for you. We find out if this new external hard disk drive lives up to Samsung's reputation for producing fast flash drives.