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Feature Article HWZ members exclusive: Meeting the new Samsung flagship SUHD curved smart TVs

4K displays? Curved TVs? SUHD? The TV landscape is rapidly evolving to keep up with consumers' demands for higher resolutions, better image quality and a more immersive viewing experience. 30 HWZ members joined us for an exclusive event last Saturday to meet Samsung's new flagship SUHD TVs up close and learn more about the latest TV technology and buying tips!

Feature Article A HardwareZone PlayTest Event - The Tablet Revolution

With so many different tablets available on the market today, what should you look out for when you make your purchase? More than 50 participants attended our HWZ PlayTest event for a hands-on of the latest models on the market, including, phablets, tablets and notebook hybrids. Some from ASUS and Samsung, weren't even launched yet! So check out what took place.

Feature Article A HardwareZone PlayTest Event with LG's G Flex Smartphone

Over 40 people attended our special PlayTest event last Saturday to have an exclusive hands-on session with the LG G Flex smartphone - the world's first flexible, curved smartphone. Find out what took place at the event as the editors outlined phone design progression and the key technologies that make such a phone possible.

Feature Article A HardwareZone PlayTest Event with LG's LA9700 4K TV & EA9800 Curved OLED TV

You thought your 1080p TV looks good, but wait till you see the picture quality of a 4K ultra-HD TV. That said, is 4K for everyone? And what exactly is this OLED technology that you've been coming across on websites and magazines recently? Well, these are just some of the questions answered in our recent PlayTest event which we teamed up with South Korean TV maker LG. Find out what took place!

Feature Article A HWZ PlayTest Event - Smart AV for Your Home

A well set-up home entertainment system doesn't only perform well, but looks good too. With so many components to consider such as the television set, speakers, amplifier, set-top decks and networking gear, just how do you go about deciding what to get and managing all of them? HardwareZone teamed up with Home & Decor, Mudian, ASUS, Panasonic and Yamaha to conduct a Smart Home AV PlayTest event to help our readers do just that. Find out what took place!

Feature Article A HardwareZone PlayTest Event with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan is by far the most power consumer graphics card to-date. With its extravagant price tag and limited availability, such cards are hard to come by for most gamers. So we collaborated with NVIDIA and their partners to showcase their Titan cards to our community, while the HWZ editorial team shared insights on optimal in-game settings and deciphering its related jargon.

Feature Article A HardwareZone PlayTest Event with Microsoft's Windows 8 - Demystifying the New OS

The new Windows 8 OS is sort of an enigma to some users, with its colorful smart tiles and dual environments. With plenty of new features and even a Windows 8 Store full of apps, we collaborated with Microsoft to bring forth a PlayTest event in an effort to provide usage guidance, tips and tricks to first timers, hands-on with the latest Windows 8 devices and have their queries of the new OS answered.

Feature Article HardwareZone PlayTest with Samsung: Mirrorless Cameras and Food Photography!

Here's what happened when a total of 80 participants had the chance to try their hand at food photography with Samsung's brand new NX1000 mirrorless system cameras at the latest HardwareZone PlayTest event.

Feature Article A HardwareZone Special: PlayTest@COMEX

Running throughout all four days of COMEX 2011 from 1st to 4th September, here's a quick look at a typical seminar-filled day of PlayTest@COMEX.