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LG G Pro 2 Phablet - An Upsized G2

The LG G Pro 2 has been billed as the "best of phablets" which is always learning from you. As the successor to the value-oriented Optimus G Pro phablet, what new features does the G Pro 2 bring to the table? Can LG take on Samsung and others in the phablet market? Find out in this review of their flagship product!

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Wireless Speaker - Proof that The Best Things Come in Small Packages

We saw the Creative Sound Blaster Roar earlier this year at CES and were blown away by its sheer output at its price point. Our initial preview article captured our first impressions of this punchy little wireless speaker after spending some time with it in a special session held at Creative's HQ. We've now obtained the final retail unit for review, so dive in and find out our final verdict!

Yamaha NX-P100 Portable Wireless Speakers - Bluetooth Speakers Evovled

On the surface, the Yamaha NX-P100 looks like a standard portable, wireless, Bluetooth speaker. But under the hood it has a number of features that set it apart. Can the speaker also deliver performance to truly make it a cut above the rest?

Hands-on: BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry recently added a new member to its BlackBerry 10 family of devices - the Z30. It sports the largest display and battery ever on a BlackBerry device. Check out our initial impressions of it at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 in Hong Kong.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - S Pen Refocused

For the first time in recent memory, Samsung is facing very fierce competition in the product category it has created three years ago. Is the Galaxy Note 3 still the best phablet to get this year? We find out in this review.

Hands-on: Sony Vaio Tap 11, World's Thinnest Windows Tablet

Sony has just unveiled a 11-inch tablet with Ultrabook-like components, similar to Microsoft's own Surface Pro tablet, but a lot sleeker. The Vaio Tap 11 has a dual-core Intel Core processor, as well as a digitizer (N-trig technology) that lets you draw or write on the tablet. Check out our brief experience with it.

Loewe's New Sound and Vision

Atlas Sound and Vision introduces two new Loewe televisions, which includes the new flagship full-array LED screen as well as two new speakers, one of which is the trendy, NFC enabled Loewe Speaker 2 Go. More details after the jump!

Creative Sound Blaster Evo Zx Headphones - Every Feature You Could Ask For

Heavy on features, the Creative Evo Zx is a wireless headphone set equipped with NFC technology. In addition, the product sports the SB-Axx1 audio processing chip from Creative previously found on the Sound Blaster Axx1 speakers.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 - Competent but with Caveats

The Lumix DMC-FT5 is Pansonic's latest tough camera. It is waterproof up to 13m, shockproof from a height of up to 2m and is able to resist pressure of up to 100kgf. But how will this tough cookie measure up as a camera? We find out.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra - A 6.44-Inch Jaeger

Having a 6.44-inch display in an ultra slim 6.5mm chassis, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is easily the largest and ironically the sleekest phablet in the market. Did Sony create the perfect phone-tablet hybrid? We find out in this review.