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Review Xiaomi Mi 3 - A Flagship Smartphone That Doesn't Cost a Bomb

The Mi 3 is Xiaomi's current flagship smartphone with an affordable price tag. Equipped with all the linings of a top device like a 5-inch Full-HD IPS display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and a 13MP rear camera, can the Xiaomi Mi 3 stand up against other Android flagship smartphones? We spill the beans.

Feature Article How NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Brings PC Gaming and GPGPU to Your Mobile Device

NVIDIA's new Tegra K1 boasts of graphical capabilities that have leapfrogged a few generations on the mobile front to match up with its desktop counterpart. Find out in this article what's exactly underneath the K1 and what else its feature set enables it to accomplish with ease.

Feature Article NVDIA Unveils Tegra K1 Processor with True Kepler GPU Core

Another year, another Tegra, but this time NVIDIA has a game-changing mobile processor with a graphics core direct from the Kepler GPU architecture. Welcome the Tegra K1.

Review HTC Desire 601 - Ultimate Value Smartphone?

HTC wants to change people's perception of mid-range and entry-level devices with the Desire 601, which comes with a spoonful of premium features from its One flagship devices at a very affordable price. Is the HTC Desire 601 the ultimate value smartphone for everyone?

Review Apple iPhone 5C - Colorful Fruity Mobile

The Apple iPhone 5C is meant to be a colorful replacement model of the iPhone 5. Sporting a new polycarbonate body, a slightly larger battery and support for more 4G LTE bands, is the iPhone 5C worth the price tag it is commanding? Let's find out in this review.

Review HTC One Max - Making a Splash (Updated)

HTC finally jumps on the phablet bandwagon with its new 5.9-inch One Max. Besides sporting the signature design language of the One, the One Max is also the first recent Android phone to be equipped with a fingerprint sensor. More importantly, how does the HTC One Max fare against the current phablets? Join us as we share our updated findings.

Feature Article Hands-on: BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry recently added a new member to its BlackBerry 10 family of devices - the Z30. It sports the largest display and battery ever on a BlackBerry device. Check out our initial impressions of it at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 in Hong Kong.

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - S Pen Refocused

For the first time in recent memory, Samsung is facing very fierce competition in the product category it has created three years ago. Is the Galaxy Note 3 still the best phablet to get this year? We find out in this review.

Feature Article iOS 7 Compatibility Chart - What each iOS Device will Get from iOS 7

Want to find out what iOS 7 features are available on the compatible iOS devices? We take a quick look at what iOS 7 offers for the different Apple devices

Review HTC One mini - Say Hello to One Junior

HTC downsizes its One flagship to a 4.3-inch model called the One mini. Sporting the same aluminium chassis, UltraPixel rear camera and BoomSound speakers, can the HTC One mini take on the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini? Let's find out in this review.