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Feature Article Shootout: Apple iPad Air vs. Microsoft Surface 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

The Apple iPad has long been regarded as the ultimate tablet for all needs. However, Microsoft and Samsung are ready to give the iPad Air a run for its money with their latest tablets that are geared for work and play - the Surface 2 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. Let's see how each tablet fares against one another and who's the overall winner!

Review Hands-on: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 isn't the first tablet to claim that it can replace your notebook. It is however, the first that might actually succeed. We go hands-on with Microsoft's 12-inch notebook killer.

Feature Article 8 Things Microsoft Got Right in Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has added more than a bunch of new features in Windows Phone 8.1. We tell you our favorites.

Feature Article Windows 8.1 Update: Bridging the Touch and Desktop Gap

The first major update to Windows 8.1 brings a slew of UI changes designed to make keyboard and mouse users feel more at home in what's still primarily a touch-focused operating system. We tell you more.

Review Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet - Leaner and Meaner

Today, Microsoft launches the Surface 2 tablet in Singapore. It's now powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, and sports a 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD display. It's also thinner and lighter than last year's Surface RT. But are hardware enhancements and the new 8.1 version of Windows RT OS enough to make the Surface 2 a winner? We find out.

Feature Article 7 of the Best Black Friday Deals

Sitex is currently underway here in Singapore, but over in the US, Black Friday madness is about to grip the nation. If you're prepared to jump through a few hoops to get the best deals, online shopping on Black Friday (even with the extra shipping costs) can be much cheaper than local prices.

Feature Article Next-Gen Consoles Compared - Which is The One 4 U?

With the Singapore availability and pricing of Sony's Playstation 4 revealed, it's time to take a comparative look at each next-gen console: Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Wii U. Which console should you get?

Feature Article Windows 8.1: What You Need to Know

Keeping to its promise of a rapid release cycle, Microsoft is set to release Windows 8.1 tonight through the Windows Store for existing Windows 8/RT users, and tomorrow at retail stores. Still unsure if you should ditch Windows XP or Vista? We tell you what's new and changed in the updated OS.

Review Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Review: Your Hands Will Thank You

Microsoft's newest ergonomic keyboard - the latest in eight years - makes ergonomic keyboards look cool for the first time. But does it actually work better for your hands? Luckily for you, this reviewer has a bad wrist and is quite qualified to try it out - see what I discovered in this review.