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Review LG 47-inch LW6500 Cinema 3D TV - Passive Aggressive

Standing as their current flagship 3D model, LG's latest LW6500 boasts of a new passive Cinema 3D display topped with Smart TV perks. LG has been busy advocating its new 3D TV technology extensively, so will it really meet expectations and still fare well in 2D? That's what we intend to find out in this detailed review.

Review LG Optimus Black - Shining Black (Updated!)

Does a thin and light smartphone make it any less powerful? The LG Optimus Black aims to debunk that myth, and we spent some time with the Optimus Black and determine if its future is as bright as its Nova display.

Review LG 42-inch LV3730 LCD TV - Smart Agent

Seldom would you find an affordable LED edge-lit HDTV combined with compelling features, but LG has managed to cram a Smart TV platform as well as convincing picture qualities in the LV3730's slender frame. Armed with Full-HD IPS panel and DLNA support, it's time we dissected this sweet 42-inch model o determine what it can really offer.

Feature Article LG Cinema 3D & Smart TV Launch - Third Dimension Justified

LG Electronics unveiled a total of eleven new HDTV models today, including LED, LCD and Plasma models bearing Cinema 3D and Smart TV features. Do check out our coverage to find out more about the new passive 3D screens equipped with Internet capabilities.

Feature Article MWC 2011 - Hands-on with LG Optimus 3D and Pad

A phone that uses glasses-free 3D display, and a tablet that records 3D images. That's one of the major highlights at MWC 2011 when we checked out both the LG Optimus 3D and Optimus Pad, and here's our hands-on impressions of these unique mobile devices.

Review LG HLX55W Blu-ray Sound Bar - Like an Incomplete Choir

Combining 3D Blu-ray playback and '4.1-channel' surround sound, the LG HLX55W marks a new breed of sound bars. We see if it's really the complete home theater package it touts.

Review LG R590 - Multimedia Powerhouse!

Determined to keep up with the competition, LG has armed the 15.6-inch R590 with sufficient hardware tenacity to crunch HD videos with 3D games on the side. It even supports 3D output with a polarized screen and supplied 3D eye-wear. Is it fearsome enough to make the Dell XPS 15 or Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 quake in their pants? Let's find out!

Feature Article CES 2011: Show Floor Coverage (Part 6)

In our next edition of our CES 2011 coverage, we've covered JVC, LG, MSI, NVIDIA, Plantronics and BlackBerry.

Review LG W2363D Monitor - Full HD 3D Gaming

Looking for a mid-range 23-inch monitor that comes with 3D technology for your gaming needs? The LG W2363D monitor might be the answer to your stereoscopic gaming needs and it's also one of the rare few Full HD 3D monitors in the market. Such specs don't come cheap, so does it deliver? We give you the details in our assessment.

Review LG Optimus 7 - Rolling Out the Mobile Evolution

With Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 fully ready, the newly deployed OS makes its way onto devices such as the LG Optimus 7. We share some of our findings and thoughts on this new LG mobile phone in our first of many Windows Phone 7 related reviews to come.