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Review LG Optimus G - Rising Android Powerhouse

LG collaborated with its sister companies, LG Chem, LG Display and LG Innotek to offer its latest flagship model, the Optimus G. What industry leading technologies does the LG Optimus G possess? Can it give the competition a run for its money? Read on to find out more in our review.

Feature Article CES 2013: LG's Push for Ultra HDTVs, OLED TVs and the Smart Home

LG has made impressive announcements and demos of their display technologies and Smart platforms at CES 2013. While the AV products were definitely crowd pullers, LG has a much bigger agenda to deliver a smart home with new connected appliances. We round-up LG's efforts as witnessed from the show.

Feature Article Hands-on: LG BH9430PW 9.1-channel Home Theater Speaker System

How has LG's new 9.1-channel home theater-in-a-box (HTIB) system improved in this year's revision? Does the 3D audio processing really help? We share our brief experience from what we've experienced at the greatest tech show on the planet.

Feature Article LG Shows Off Updated Google TV Sets

Among a slew of updates for LG's new TV sets, the Google TV variants saw some of the most number of changes. We highlight some of the key improvements and a walkthrough of its voice recognition feature working in tandem with the PrimeTime quick guide.

Review LG Optimus Vu - Larger Than Life

The LG Optimus Vu and its differentiating 5.0-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio screen has finally hit our local shores after its first official appearance back in MWC 2012. Now updated with a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and the latest Quick Memo and Notebook apps, the phablet-sized device seeks to please but does it?

Review LG IPS235V - An Affordable 23-inch Full HD Monitor That Delivers

The IPS235V comes with a quality assurance report, which is uncommon among 23-inch monitors. Priced reasonably, it offers D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI connectivity ports. We find out if this IPS, LED-backlit LCD monitor from LG makes the mark.

Review First Looks: LG 84-inch LM9600 Ultra Definition Cinema 3D Smart TV

Will LG be able to justify the S$24,999 price tag for its 84-inch 4K-resolution mega screen? We took a ride down to LG's flagship store to give the huge screen a once-over as soon as it arrived. Here's our take.

Review LG Optimus 4X HD - The Affordable Quad-Core Contender

LG might be a little late to the quad-core smartphone race but thankfully, the LG Optimus 4X HD has finally surfaced. How will the NVIDIA Tegra 3-equipped smartphone with 1GB of RAM and 4.7-inch HD screen fare? Check it out after the jump.

Feature Article 4G LTE Phones Shootout - The Fast and the Furious Trio

SingTel's 4G plans are available since 5th June 2012, and at the moment, you've three LTE-enabled Android smartphones to choose from. Which of the three - HTC One XL, LG Optimus True HD LTE, and Samsung Galaxy S II LTE - will be crowned the speed king? Ready, go!

Review LG LM9600 55-inch Cinema 3D Smart TV - Full Assault!

Topping the tip of LG's 2012 HDTV fleet is the 55-inch LM9600 Cinema 3D Smart TV. This premium model is armed to the teeth with full-array LED backlights, powered by LG's Nano technology with local dimming perks. It looks like the fight between the passive and active 3D factions just heated up by a notch. Check out our full review!